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A Serene Escape At Fortune Resort Benaulim Goa – With Lush Greens And Good Food

A vacation for me is not just about satiating my wanderlust, but also my taste buds. It’s the time to let go of all the diet hang-ups and just indulge. Goa offers it all – a tranquil getaway amidst lush greens and sandy waters, and a gastronomical experience to liven up the senses. Fortune Resort Benaulim Goa gave me my perfect vacation. A placid retreat amidst the beauty of Goa, the resort charms you with its vast space full of greenery, surrounded by paddy fields and palm trees. Located just a leisurely walk away from the pristine Benaulim beach, this resort is a haven of serenity. The idyllic spot left me with lasting memories of relaxation and culinary delights. 

Zodiac All Day Diner

Zodiac: The All Day Diner: 

Set in outdoors with warm casual seating, this rustic open-air garden restaurant offers an extensive a-la-carte menu featuring Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines, along with local treats. During my stay, I had the opportunity to sample some of their offerings. 

On my first day, I was welcomed with an Indian meal consisting of tomato soup, kebabs, butter chicken, dal makhani and palak paneer. The tomato soup, though creamy, leaned towards the sweeter side, which might not be to everyone’s taste (at least not mine). However, the vegetarian kebab platter was a pleasant surprise, well-cooked and flavourful. The butter chicken and dal makhani, while sweeter than I expected, stayed true to the local style. But it was the palak paneer that stole the show with its rich and delightful flavours. It was the perfect dish to kick-start my gastronomical journey here.  

Veg kebabs at Zodiac

Veg kebabs at Zodiac

For dinner that night, I was served Goan thali, and it was a culinary masterpiece. Each element on the plate was a burst of flavour that left me craving for more. Goan salad, Chicken Xacuti, Veg Foogath, Prawn Curry, Sole Kadhi – it was a potpourri of irresistible delights. If you find yourself staying at Fortune Select, Zodiac’s Goan thali is a must-try. 

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The breakfast buffet at Zodiac offered a mix of South Indian, North Indian, and Goan delicacies, along with staple options like omelettes, pancakes, French toast, fruits and salads. The fruit and vegetable juices were quite refreshing to start the day on a healthy note. You can give north Indian dishes a miss; maybe have stuffed paratha, because the South Indian and Goan dishes were the standouts, of course. Must-try – Goan Ross, Tamatar Bhaji, Podi Idli and Veg Vermicelli. 

For lunch, I was served Zodiac’s Asian offerings. Barring veg Thai green curry (which lacked that distinct Thai zing), everything, from red chicken Thai curry to momos, was quite delicious. Oh, the Som Tam Salad was exceptionally delicious. It had the same eclectic flavours you want in the Thai salad.  

Asian food at Zodiac

Asian food at Zodiac

Still reminiscing about the Goan thali I had the last night, I decided to have my dinner that night enjoying the local Goan food. And thank God I did it. I was again impressed with the chef’s expertise in the regional cuisine. Chicken Rechado Rawa Fry and Potato Chops made for the perfect starters. Prawns Balchao and Cashewnut Curry were also great.  

Joecons Bar: For An Evening Of High Spirits
With its tropical setting and foot-tapping music, Joecons Bar turned out to be an ideal place to savour delicious food or sip on refreshing cocktails. During my visit, I couldn’t resist trying the Feni-based cocktails, a must-try local speciality. I also indulged in martini, which was expertly crafted and Tequila Sunrise was also a heady mix of spirits and sweet flavours.  

Joecons Bar

Joecons Bar

The Stay: 
Fortune Resort Benaulim Goa boasts 96 well-appointed rooms, including suites and chalets. Upon entering my spacious room, I was greeted by warm and modern decor, and a welcome message crafted with leaves on my bed. What’s special was that the message kept changing for different days and different times. Entering my room was a delightful surprise each time. The amenities included snacks, desserts, wine and even Feni, which made my stay comfortable and enjoyable.  

Bedroom balcony

Bedroom balcony

Nearby Attractions – Doing The Touristy Things
First things first – beaches. While Benaulim beach was very close to the resort, the popular Colva beach was not too far either. Both the beaches are clean and peaceful. Street shopping at Colva beach was fun! I also visited the vibrant Margoa market near the resort and went crazy shopping for local spices and chutneys.  

How could I not visit the historic St. Francis Xavier Old Goa Church? Thankfully, the rainy skies made our drive to the church worthwhile.  

A Special Mention:
I can’t end the review without highlighting the exceptional hospitality of the resort. Each and every staff member greets you warmly every time you cross them, and it just lights up your day. And yes, they are also very helpful.  

Fortune Resort Benaulim Goa allows you to unwind and appreciate the beauty of Goa. When your appetite is full with good food, wandering around Goa is so much more fun!


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