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By earmpy

27 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: Biden/Putin meet in Geneva; Delta variant rising in US; Record heat in the West”
  1. 🤣by insisting that Russia did cyberattack (w/o any proof btw) you show your weakness and vulnerability!

  2. Biden should fix his internal problems regarding the respect of human rights before going around the world making statements with the intention of teach the respect of human rights. Police brutality, racial profiliing, abuse versus minority, judicial sistem are the problems he should fix at home before of act like a teacher

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  5. Nobody with a brain & intelligent mind OF THEIR OWN believes this bullcrap!! Putin gave the very UNOFFICIAL Biden a little milk with his teeny weeny cookie- that's all. 😩 PUTIN HAS RESPECT FOR A TRUTHFUL D.J. TRUMP, NOT for this little EVIL👺 WEASLE & *TRUTHERS CAN SEE THAT FOR OURSELVES!! ***FAKE MEDIA AS USUAL. 😥** What a waste of time.

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  7. Dear ABC

    There are NO black people in the United States, there are NO White people in the United States, there are ONLY people in the United States.

    You're commercial depicting the map of the United States with the African colors draped over it is nothing but disgusting. Only Terrorists who have hate for this country would try to divide it.

    This is NOT Africa, this IS America.

    Racism is alive and well and it's not being perpetuated by everyday working American's, it's coming from mega rich Corporations like ABC.

  8. Isaiah 13:11. King James Version
    11 And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.

  9. Look at MSM throwing two Brown women on there – Their “Bosses”
    Think we are Stupid! Can’t forget what’s going on in America’s Public Schools and their attempts at Racial Division 😳RACE Baiting –
    FAKE NEWS ! Remember Hillary Clinton’s Reset Button? What a Big Pile OF Bullshit?
    Look into Hunter Biden’s LAPTOP or even the Weiner Laptop!

    Putin’s got more integrity in one finger than Creepy STEAL Elections Over thrown an American Presidency BIDEN 🤨

  10. Um Joe Biden is no Threat to President Putin. I believe at this point,’if Joe gets outta line- Russia and China could snuff the whole country out in a few minutes.

  11. Believe believe
    The old bubble is back ,,,well says going back to your old sleepy selves
    ,,just like 9/11 wake for a minute then go back to sleep & dream ,,, dream dream ,,dream the marvelous,, bubble is back we can ????? What???

  12. Funny how The “Comments” are shut off on PBS and other News feeds,,, Biden ,the Squad twats , Faucci, we need to stop the Media! NOW!,,

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  14. Putin is the best politician! So reasonably and logically he makes his sentences that nobody can doubt his political knowledge and skills to hold the world on balance!

  15. Way Some Reporters Want To Change The Meaning
    Of What A President Has Said
    In Order To Make A News Story .
    So Who Wouldn't Get UPSET
    About What Happened Here
    With The FAKE NEWS Media Now !!!?

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