Even as the Delta variant continues to drive fresh Covid cases, a new variant called Lambda is seen as an emerging threat. The variant with the formal scientific name of C.37 was designated the Lambda variant by WHO on June 14. The variant has been around as early as August 2020. The strain accounts for almost 80% of the infections in Peru, where it is believed to have originated.
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By earmpy

41 thoughts on “After Delta, Now Lambda Variant of Covid-19 Sparks Fear: Should India Be Worried?”
  1. People like Serials, Covid is a new world serial with many seasons of Waves, everyone is going to enjoy as per Karma.
    Give all your Money to Poor to free yourself

  2. Is it not odd that the whole of Europe, the USA and South America did not report a single variant but India reports one every week.
    either West hid its variants or India is the exclusive target for this launch of variants which could very well be part of the Wuhan Lab virus bank in the collection of gain of function research on coronavirus.
    Things don't add up .

  3. When will this ever end??!!someone should be held accountable for all of this!! It's destroyed lives and families,it put life on hold for over a year and now it's getting worse!! Life as I knew it actually did end in 2020!this living in fear isn't living anymore gotta worry about catching something just to go to work!

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  5. After alpha …new corona virus came which is ..delta
    Then afterward..lamda
    Then afterward …epsilon
    Then afterward ….zeta
    Then afterward …eta
    Then afterward ….theta
    Then afterward….iota
    Then afterward ….kappa
    Then afterward….mu
    This all type of corona virus might be will came within in a month…..

  6. Until the unless people will not understand that they should Stay home this not going to end people are getting stress when there locked down as some relief given they start traveling some of them abroad untill the unless government says now it safe to remove ur mask We should understand that even we had first dose of vaccine that doesn't give us permission to be irresponsible towards humanity.

  7. Last year not much variants. This year vaccination started new variants appeared. So it can be that either vaccines are causing variants or WHO fearing people with more variants to sell up their vaccines.

  8. The key to stop new variant to spread is to close each and every country this world.running on local economy for at least 3 years until covid 19 dissapear.

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