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33 thoughts on “Al Stewart – Year Of The Cat”
  1. Amo esta música faz me lembrar o homem que amei de vdd na minha fase de adolescente age virar .uma adulta focamos 05 anos juntos iamosnos casar mas n fli lossovel infelizmenfe…Nunca o esquecir tinha vontade ve-loum diaquemsabe

  2. I remind the listeners of South AFRICAN RADIO 94.7 of 1983 that this was requested EVERY night after 12 pm while I was working night shift. they also liked it and obliged,,,thank you.

  3. Been years since I heard this classic from back in the day. It came on today. Hearing it always reminds me of waking up in the morning to the blizzard of 1977. It was the song that started playing on the radio alarm clock with a warning from the disc jockey that if one was just waking up, to not look out the window to see what happened overnight. When I got up and looked, snow was up to the outside window sill, 4 or 5 feet off the ground. 😮 Great song.

  4. @ Juliana, Thank you! Cranberries are healing lol.Piano Man, Re- Catholico e dolce el DaVinci e divinity.Ancient Secrets.Complete Silence.They always run and try to be a step ahead and have no clue of the directions, believing fools and they erroneously believe in nose to nose and facing the East and the North. Let them, but the Alpha wolf is patient, he leads the pack from behind,so he knows and sees the dangers just HUSH.

  5. a magical story within a gorgeous track – especially she comes out of the sun in a silk dress running like a water color in the rain – that was one of many favorite lines in the song. such a classic! no wonder i was such a dreamy eyed kid….

  6. Thanks to all musicians for making life better! I know from my own experience that life can get tough, but if you listen to good songs you can get through it and keep going.

    Made some playlists for many moments in life. Come listen to them and leave me your opinion. I'm getting started. Thanks

  7. Can you imagine a world without music? How would you feel about it? What would you miss the most?

    Te imaginas un mundo sin música? Como te sentirias? Que seria lo que mas extrañarias?

  8. Aku kan mending bercanda, drpd ngomong terlalu serius. Lagian aku hanya mau bicara sama lipapa dan ka noveli utk hal yg lainnya. Selebihnya paduka mulia yg aku catat sebagai keluarga. 🙏

  9. Kalian pikir hanya turis sumber energi Indonesia. Tanah Indonesia adalah tanah yg diberkahi, diduduki surga.
    Anda pikir reski hanya sumber energi.
    Kami bisa menciptakan apa yg kami mau.
    Kalian pikir hanya turis sumber keuangan kami?
    Kami. Manusia Indonesia terlihat santai. Tp dijiwa kami tersimpan kemampuan aktif strategis,
    Kalo sempat.. Nonton saja perkembangan kami yg super ceria 😄😇

  10. Στις δυο βδομαδες που σκεφτόμουν τι να σου απαντήσω (και εσυ με είχες ήδη χωρίσει, τι ειρωνία..) αυτό το τραγούδι μαζί με κάποια αλλά μου κρατούσαν συντροφιά. Από την πρώτη φορά που το άκουσα σκέφτηκα εσένα. Έχει γλυκό ρυθμό και γέμιζε το κενό ,έστω και λίγο, που είχες αφήσει εσύ. Ενώ το άκουγα θυμόμουν, επίσης, πολλές από τις όμορφες στιγμές μας όπως η φορά που κοιμηθήκαμε αγκαλιασμένοι τόσο σφιχτά στο σλιπινγκ μπαγκ ή την φορά που απλά χαλαρώναμε γυμνοί στην μπανιέρα σου με κεράκια και αλκοόλ.. Έχουμε περάσει πολλές όμορφες στιγμές μαζί.

  11. My beautiful wife Beth's favorite song. As she lay dieing of breast cancer she asked me to play this and time passages for her. I held her close and we shared Als beautiful songs together for the last time. Beth passed less than an hour later. Thank you Mr. Al Stewart for the beautiful songs we danced together too and got to share in Beth's last hour alive. I'm forever grateful.

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