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Amul Celebrates Neeraj Chopras Gold Medal At World Athletics Championship

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Neeraj Chopra made India proud after he clinched gold in the men’s javelin throw event at the World Athletics Championships. India’s golden boy etched his name in history by becoming the first-ever Indian athlete to win a gold medal at this prestigious championship, held in Hungary’s Budapest. As the country is celebrating Neeraj’s feat, social media is flooded with congratulatory posts. Dairy brand Amul has now joined the celebrations by giving a shout out to Neeraj in their signature illustrative post. The dairy brand shared its celebratory post on Instagram, with the caption, “Amul Topical: Neeraj Chopra wins India’s first-ever gold at the World Athletics Championships!”
In the creative post, the illustration of Neeraj Chopra, dressed in a jersey, can be seen holding the National Flag. We can also see Neeraj wearing his gold medal as he holds a barely eaten slice of bread with butter. Don’t miss the Amul girl running with the javelin, while holding bread and butter in her hand.
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Take a look at the post here:

A few days back, Amul shared a heartwarming post for India’s chess prodigy R. Praggnanandhaa, after he won a silver medal at the FIDE Chess World Cup. Despite the 18-year-old losing the title to World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen in the final, he created history. The dairy brand celebrated the Indian chess grandmaster through a graphic representation of him with his mother. In the post, Praggnanandhaa was seen sitting at a chess table and relishing some bread and butter, while his mother was seen standing behind him. The caption read, “Amul Topical: R. Praggnanandhaa’s mother contributes quietly to his success in chess.” Click here to check out the post.
Earlier, the successful completion of India’s third lunar mission got a creative illustration as well. Through their post, the brand thanked the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for the achievement. While sharing the illustration, they wrote in the caption, “We thank the ISRO team for their continuous service to take India to greater heights. Chandrayaan-3”. Read the complete story here

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