Anastasia gained a following on Tik Tok after she recorded videos of an angry stray cat, Tiger, who kept coming to her window.

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By earmpy

41 thoughts on “Angry stray cat goes viral after woman documents their unlikely friendship | GMA”
  1. Anastasia is pure light and pure love…so deeply moving – but they had to be together – beautiful and Tiger is her lion..xxxx

  2. To all the non vegan "animal lovers" in the comment section, you're literally paying for people to abuse and brutally murder animals on a daily basis. If you're not vegan, the LEAST you can do is watch the following documentary and learn how your food is produced:

  3. I really really hate humans!!!!! We think we know everything and we Are so dumb when it comes to animals. But there Are some people that love and really care about animals. But ugh.. to put him trough all that just so he could come back to her??? Like why?? Sorry for being so angry, but Im not lying and this is not something that isnt an issue we Are free of… Most people dont know how to see animals other than for their own gain. Be it food or accessories or cuddles.. ugh…

  4. Aww ~ Tiger Loves Her❣❣❣ God Blesses Those Who Are Patient & Have Big Hearts – Not Always The Way We Want It To Go, But Perhaps The "Others" May Have Needed To Be Blessed & Touched By Tiger But Also By HER!!!


  5. Sometimes we all want to be love by someone but afraid to trust and that is sad but true , so glad for tiger have found you he a lucky boy.

  6. I'm balling like a baby, what a beautiful story, and you are an amazing beautiful person, thank you so much for looking out for this beautiful cat, you have made his world,as i am sure he will now be yours!

  7. This video makes me happy and sad….happy for the cat and the lady in the video but sad because a tragedy happened about two years ago where I lost my four cats because of a sudden move…..I had to leave them…had no choice in it….for a couple days…..but they were indoor and safe…the other people involved couldn't wait a couple days for me to be able to come back and get them….it broke my heart because I rescued the all…raised three of them from kittens….I don't know what happened to them….no one has ever told me even tho I've tried to find out…tried to find them……it has messed me up because I put myself in their position and it makes me feel like they were wondering what they did wrong…why I abandoned them…..I would give anything to get them back…to let em know they did nothing wrong…it was a just a case of people causing bs for others….I could of sworn I saw one of them not too long ago….but it didn't respond to the name I called out and it ran from me…. ahhh….my heart will always be broken because of this…..I miss them so much….especially tucker…she was the first kitten I rescued and raised into adulthood…..guess I'll never know what happened to them……

  8. I wonder who the Karen was that called animal control…..some people just cannot stand to see an animal or human be happy….I'm very glad this lady was able to adopt him……

  9. strays make pretty good companions when you find them on their last leg. i got a couple girls 11 years ago. 9-11 aka Nino and al-Qaida aka el gato loco. a month apart. i got kicked out of where i live and it was winter and i slept outside in a sleeping bag so the cats wouldn't be so cold and alone. i found a bag of corn torillas on the shoulder of a road they were kind of damp, i brought em to al-Qaida, she gobbled em up plain. they're both pain the but, i'm glad i got em though, and funny thing is, no other strays have ever shown up since they have.

  10. Always English guy with zero clue talks bullshit without knowing "he will get adopted" ..
    How did he know. There was at least 50% chance it would be put down, if she didnt fight to get him.
    So shut the fuck up with your voice of reason. Talking something you have zero factual evidence to support, just to diffuse situation alwasy bullshiting your way around coversation. This is more evil then that fact that stupid neighbour put the cat through all of this suffering when it was perfectly happy forming new connection with the new owner. I can't stand such people!!

  11. Beautiful, simply beautiful. I have rescued so many animals in my life and it's such a amazing feeling and reward for both..We have right now a rescued Cat and Dog and they love being loved and show it every day..

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