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Antonio Brown exposes himself to hotel guests, video shows

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Antonio Brown giving the Los Angeles crowd the middle finger

It’s always something with this guy
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Antonio Brown was the subject of a Saturday morning exclusive in the New York Post, which released a video of an incident involving the mercurial free agent wide receiver earlier this year.

The video, which the tabloid notes took place on May 14 at the Armani Dubai Hotel, appears to show the aforementioned Brown harassing a fellow vacationer at the hotel’s pool, exposing his glutes and genitals to the woman, and nearly waterboarding her with a stolen scarf.

After the story became public knowledge, Brown took to Twitter to defend himself.

My, how the mighty have fallen. Just when we think we’ve rid ourselves of any AB shenanigans — he’s remained a free agent through the start of the 2022 season — he finds a way to make the entire NFL world go “I can’t believe we used to root for that guy.”

Brown, who was suspended for the first eight games of the 2020 NFL season for violating the league’s personal conduct policy, claims that the woman “clearly” swims away with his shorts. Methinks not.

I don’t see it, and even if she did, that doesn’t mean she wanted him. Perhaps she thought by swimming away with his shorts, he wouldn’t be willing to follow her out of the pool for fear of exposing himself to more people. Brown clearly put that to rest though when he lifted his junk out of the water. It’s obvious to anybody watching that she was uncomfortable with Brown around, hence why she swam away. Don’t you dare try to condone your actions with the “But I swear she wanted me” defense. That’s disgusting!

The video starts with Brown waving his bare backside in the woman’s face, as she laughs nervously. Although her face is blurred in the clip, you can probably imagine her discomfort as onlookers not only refused to step in, but actively encouraged Brown to continue. The unnamed person filming the video shouted, “Oh yeah! Another one!” egging Brown on to continue his heinous, inappropriate acts. Brown obliged with a smile on his face. Based on his previous antics with faces near his ass, I’m stunned he didn’t let out a fart or two. Brown didn’t stop there though.

The video cuts and restarts with Brown trying to put a scarf over the same woman’s face. Reports indicate that Brown took the scarf from another pool-goer while they weren’t looking. Aside from the obvious theft, nothing seems too odd with that statement, right? It’s just a nice piece of clothing, right? Until you remember that they’re in a pool. Putting cloth over someone’s face with water surrounding them isn’t a romantic act, it’s a method of torture used in Guantanamo Bay called waterboarding. Even onlookers who were originally cheering the former All-Pro receiver on were smart enough to realize what was happening. “He’s trying to waterboard her,” shouted one vacationer. The woman, obviously distraught by the whole situation, quickly throws the scarf off her face while trying to get away. AB doesn’t take too kindly to her rejection and promptly body slams her into the pool. Yeah, no matter how desperate a Steelers fan you are, I don’t know how you can excuse this breach in boundaries. But hold on, AB wasn’t done!

Even as the woman swims away, Brown elevates his penis out of the water, strokes it, and shouts to the woman “You want it?” Like for Christ’s sake man, have you no shame? I get that you’re a washed-up has-been who hasn’t left a good impression on any team you’ve been on, but is your god complex so insatiable that you believe you can get away with anything you do? I mean clearly, there’s some truth to that belief if onlookers were cheering him on. It took four-and-a-half months for this video to come out! How horrible is that?! Four-and-a-half months for us to see just how horribly Brown treats random strangers.

According to the Post’s report, Brown had just met the woman moments before the video started. After all was said and done, sources say the woman was yelling and complaining about the incident, rightfully furious that nothing was done to stop Brown. Thankfully, the hotel staff asked AB to leave the premises afterward.

Brown, who was in UAE to perform music at a Floyd Mayweather exhibition fight, was asked whether or not he condoned stripping in the pool and exposing himself. Per the Post, Brown on Saturday texted a reporter, “Do what you got to do, pussy? You white boys dead already.” He really has a way with words, doesn’t he? No wonder he’s now an aspiring rapper.

AB’s antics are well-documented. That includes being accused of rape by a personal trainer — he claimed the sex was consensual — and pleading no contest to battery and burglary charges. He’s clearly in need of psychological help, but I’m sure Brown would refuse if given the offer.

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