Song available here:
(Karaoke Version also available)

i didn’t have the official instrumental when i made this so i apologize if it sounds bad. hope you enjoy it anyways 🙂 and wear headphones!! (also peep the 4k quality i tried my best to make it look… a little more high quality than my other videos lmao)

Songs used in this mashup:
Kiss Me More
just like magic
Be Alright

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By earmpy

47 thoughts on “Ariana Grande – Kiss Me More (with Doja Cat & SZA)”
  1. Uh, took a trip, took a boat, took three friends
    This bitch said it's open season
    Miss Miss been alone
    And she been looking for some gentlemen
    I'm hoping he been feeling when I fit up in the ropa
    He can chill up in her villa for the whole damn weekend
    Just coast with her, put ya hands on her figure
    Now ya' gropin' her, gropin' her

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