On this episode of Planet America, Delta drives a surge in COVID-19 cases as vaccine rates plummet. Is America’s pandemic battle sliding backwards? And as Joe Biden’s Big Deal gets another chance, what’s next for infrastructure?
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By earmpy

35 thoughts on “As the COVID Delta variant surges, what's next for Joe Biden's big deal? | Planet America”
  1. I don’t care about what will happen to the United States. I am more concerned about when the Australian government can effectively control the epidemic. The ABC should pay more attention to social issues in Australia that are more worthy of attention, and pay less attention to the lace news of some politicians.

  2. You guys are back. Welcome. Hope you had good holiday. The last 3 weeks felt empty without you.

    I will be watching this tonight.

  3. Thats bull shit…hydroxichloroquine and Ivermectin are similar compounds and have proved to be VERY beneficial in fighting the virus. Would you like real stats on that? ill be happy to provide them…

  4. Marxism Fascism Marxism! How about you cover the audits? You know the one that's found rampant irrefutable fraud that shows mountains of fake ballots?

  5. $15 Trillion spent on war in the middle east and achieved nothing. Jeff Bezos $140 billionaire and doesn't pay tax. But no money for schools or hospitals.

  6. I used to listen to old Paul Robeson records when I was a teenager in the 1980's! My dad was a jazz musician from Canada and thought it was really important we understood politics – as told though music!

  7. Biden will go down in history, as the super worst President of all time, even the dead ones won't want to talk to him. When he's looking up to us in the future.

  8. Since day one in office, Biden has been a looser. Biggest is shutting down the pipeline. The rest of his office is a brain FOG.

  9. I'm calling BS on all 'official' figures. And all 'variants'. In Israel they're saying 80% have been double vaxed [🤔🤔] and they're the ones getting very sick.

  10. I understand that there is value in data coming out of Israel to help understand COVID-19 better. The question is that data coming out of Israel exclusively discounts Palestinian out of the conversation meaning data bias. Is this not purposefully looking the other way in respect to ethical journalism.

  11. Censorship and bombs and lies. Business as usual for the Whitehouse. Maybe they will expand the slave markets they established in Libya.

  12. More would happen in American politics if the parties just stopped tacking on extra things to a bill that they couldn't get passed before.
    The worst thing is that insert party here that does it, will then badmouth the opposing party for not passing the Bill that apparently everyone wanted….. yet they always seem to omit they tacked on extra stuff at the 11th hour… until pressed about it.

    Its a despicable tactic both parties use and its only the citizens, not the politicians, that suffer for it.

    Side note: UBI don't work because it moves the zero point. think about it. wonderful idea that would only work in practice if majority of workforces were automated.

  13. So thankful we have such a competent man leading this country. Follow Biden's advice to the letter people!!

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