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Baking Myths Busted! 5 Common Notions You Should Stop Believing

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Baking is rightly described as an art form. Right from the moment you start preparing the batter to pouring it into the tin and finally placing it in the oven, each stage of preparing a baked good requires skill and accuracy. Even a slight difference in any of the steps can end up ruining your final product. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to make the process complicated so that novice bakers fret at the idea of baking. As everyone has their unique tips about baking their favourite cake or brownie, there are so many myths that come along with them. While some are true, others are certainly not. Let’s explore such common myths and put them to rest.

Here Are 5 Common Myths About Baking You Should Stop Believing:

1. Measuring cups/spoons are always accurate

Do you fret at the idea of baking when you don’t have your measuring tools with you? Do you double-check the quantities of the ingredients before adding them to the batter? Accurate measurements indeed ensure that your sweet delights come out perfectly, but can’t always be 100% accurate. Not all measuring cups and spoons are the same, and there might be a slight difference every time you buy new ones. Sometimes, just trusting your gut and having a fair idea of how much is required works equally well.
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2. Opening the oven door will ruin your cake

It can be quite tempting to open the oven door while your goods are being baked. However, we’re often advised not to do so, as it can let all the heat escape. A consistent temperature is important for effective baking, but taking a quick sneak peek inside won’t cause any harm. It also allows you to check if the baking process is smooth. Just make sure to not leave the door open for too long, as that’s when it causes a problem.


3. Baking powder never expires

Another common baking myth that we often hear is that baking powder never expires. What can go wrong with it? Contrary to popular belief, it has a short shelf life. It’s not only the way you store it that matters, but baking powder naturally tends to lose its leaving properties after about a year. So, if your baking powder has been lying around for longer than that, it’s time to replace it and buy a new one.
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4. Salt doesn’t matter in baking

Almost all baking recipes require you to add a pinch of salt to them. It may seem unnecessary, but it plays a crucial role in balancing out the flavours. Since we add large amounts of sugar to our baked goods, salt helps cut down that extra sweetness. And yes, it is essential to add it if you don’t want your desserts to turn out extremely sweet. Don’t worry; a pinch of salt won’t make them savoury.

5. Pre-heating is always necessary

Preheating your oven is a common instruction that we come across in all recipes. It allows the oven to reach the desired temperature before you put your dessert in it. This is not completely false, but it really depends on the type of oven you’re using. If you have a fan-forced oven, then this step may not be mandatory for you, as it will heat the oven quickly. Another factor that determines whether to preheat or not depends on the type of dessert you’re planning to bake.

Baking is not as difficult as it seems. It may require some practice to master the art, but it doesn’t have to be so complicated. All you need is a bit of patience and love to create mouth-watering delights in your kitchen. So, put these myths to rest and go conquer your fear of baking.

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