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Baltimore Rapper Rye Rye Says She Wasn’t Credited For Her Vocals Being Used On Drake’s New Album

Drake‘s surprise album Honestly, Nevermind has had the innanet in shambles for days! Without any notice, Champagne Papi hit his fans with an unexpected sound reminiscent of house music, jersey club sounds and summertime vibes. One of his tracks, ‘Currents’, features the voice of Baltimore rapper Rye Rye, who reacted to the album on Twitter. While she celebrated the use of the sample, she mentioned that her team is working to get her credited for the record.

I ain’t been able to hold my sh*t together all morning know that I’m sampled on @Drake ‘Currents’ song. I knew my “what” was legendary in the club world but damn this is crazzyyyyy.”

Let’s be clear I ain’t get my credit on that Drake record yet but my team is definitely working on it but I’m still gonna celebrate my legendary a** voice on a @Drake record. Vocal been spending the block for over a decade I’m glad my city and my sounds made such a big influence.”

Rye Rye clarified that while she wasn’t informed about the use of the sample, her team is working with “the correct people” to rectify the situation. She also stated that she’s not coming for Drake.

Let’s get this straight when songs are samples I know it don’t really be the artist it be the producers mainly already presenting the beat to the artist as is so I’m not going at Drake lol It’s a ki my team is hitting up the correct ppl to get it fixed.”

Check out some of the reactions to Drake’s latest studio album here:

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