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Brett Favre thinks 49ers are making massive mistake with QB Jimmy Garoppolo

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The San Francisco 49ers still have Jimmy Garoppolo, but they will not be playing him. Eventually, he will be traded or possibly cut because they have decided to move forward with Trey Lance. Lance steps into an offense that has real potential to win now, so it’s a good opportunity for him to succeed.

Not everyone thinks this is a wise move. Garoppolo took the 49ers to the Super Bowl in the 2019 season and the NFC Championship game last campaign. Legendary quarterback Brett Favre, who knows a thing or two about winning, believes San Francisco are making a mistake.

Speaking to 33rdTeam, Favre believes their former starter deserves to stick around:

“My personal opinion, I would go with Jimmy Garoppolo. He’s not as flashy, not near as flashy… And no offense toward Trey Lance, but what Jimmy has done is win and win, win, win again. Not flashy.”

He continued:

“So, it’s not the glamorous pick, but my goodness, the guy has won and put the 49ers in a position to compete for the Super Bowl year in and year out and deserves the right to keep playing.”

Favre believes Garoppolo has intangibles that can’t be easily replaced:

“There’s a tremendous upside with Trey; no question about it. But Jimmy G has been a proven winner. And that oftentimes gets overlooked — is a guy a winner? And Jimmy Garoppolo is definitely a winner.”

Ultimately, the 49ers have decided to move on and they undoubtedly know Garoppolo’s record. They’re intent on giving the reins to Lance, despite what Favre or anyone else says.

Will Jimmy Garoppolo be traded?

Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers
Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers

Jimmy Garoppolo’s time with the 49ers is almost over. He’s still on the roster, but he’s not going to see any playing time unless something goes wrong with Lance.

San Francisco will face a decision very soon. If Garoppolo isn’t cut by the final roster deadline, they will have to pay him his $24.2 million salary for the season. They will have to trade him, cut him, or pay him.

Surprisingly, there have been very few quarterback injuries throughout training camp. Currently, no team is overly desperate in that position. If that does happen, the 49ers will more than likely be the first team they call.

The New York Giants and Seattle Seahawks have been linked with Garoppolo heavily over the last few months. However, they are evidently playing the long game.

It will be interesting to see where Jimmy Garoppolo ends up in the 2022 NFL season.

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