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One day, a cat randomly showed up to the man who lives alone in the secluded mountain and after feeling sincere love from the man, the cat bursts into tears.. What happened to the cat before he met the man?

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By earmpy

45 thoughts on “Bullied Cat Bursts Into Tears By A Man's Love Who Became His First Friend | Animal in Crisis EP217”
  1. There are some individuals in the animal kingdom that have unusually high levels of oxytocin, hence their different behavior. Almost all dogs have it and some people do too. There is obviously nothing wrong with that but it's interesting that the cat managed out in the wild.

  2. 6:25 saddening to see the cat yowling to get out of the small room to be with the owner. Reminds me of my cat long ago waiting outside my bedroom with door closed when I needed some privacy to study. The crying really pierced my heart. When I finally open the door she will dart inside my room, let out a meow in disgust(as if cursing me), then do figure 8s around my legs

  3. It seems to me that this cat is like a Spirit who is there to do exactly what the man says, "…Stay with me through all my hard times." The cat is actually there to help him through his troubles and loneliness. The man is not lonely anymore. The whole story is so sweet. Thank you, Kritter Klub; I love all your stories. 🙂

  4. Видно сразу ,что не кошатник )) Кису нельзя оставлять одну !!!! Никогда )) !!"!

  5. Cats chose humans wisely because they can see into a person's soul.
    And this cat chose a good person. Their friendship is so beautiful.
    For anyone who is Korean, may I ask where is this? I don't know anything about Korea, but I can tell that this man is using satoori. It sounds like a Gyeongsang-do satoori but I'm likely wrong. Can someone help me clarify this?

  6. I had a Maine Coon cat like that; 22# of cat….that thought/acted like a dog. I had a 3/4ac. property and that "dog" would follow me everywhere outside- just wanted to hang together. Loyal, loving, and….lost.

  7. What a story. Even though theres no translation I could fully understand it 🙂 You guys look together and kudos to this Sir who takes care of the adorable cat 🙂

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