so, yes it is a month after the first week of classes…but I finally got around to editing this video. it was a FULL day (I think it was Tuesday, or Thursday..idr) and I did a LOT of work, but also got to hang out with friends && went to get food at a local restaurant. it was super nice…i do not eat out a lot because I am an FGLI student and do not have all the money to spend, but supporting a business like Havenly is worth the money!

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hey y’all! if you are new here, i am Hannah & i am an undergraduate at Yale University!! i make many school-related videos, faith-based videos, & fUn VlOgS!
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4 thoughts on “busy college day in the life // yale sophomore fall 2021”
  1. i´ve been subscribed to you for a while and omg when i saw that you uploaded a vid it was an awesome moment!!! you are so sweet, ˋplease keep making more !!!!!!!!!lots of lovexx

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