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Busy With Work, Genelia Deshmukh Packs Lunch Boxes For Sons With Heartfelt Notes

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Indian mothers have a special way of expressing their love for their children – through food. Whether it’s on festivals, birthdays, or any other special day, you can count on mothers to whip up specially cooked meals. And when it comes to school tiffins, well, that’s where they put their heart and soul. But guess what? B-town mothers are no different. Take Genelia Deshmukh, for instance. She is a busy actress with a hectic schedule, just like any working mom. She recently shared some heartwarming moments on her Instagram Stories that melted our hearts. Genelia couldn’t spend as much time as she wanted with her two sons, Riaan and Rahyl, due to her work commitments. But she found a way to show them her love and care.
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What did she do, you ask? Well, she prepared special lunchboxes for her boys, and that’s not all – she left sweet notes for them too. The notes on top of both tiffin boxes read, “My dear baby boy, I miss you so much and always remember being kind = being strong. I love you, Aai. 4/9/2023.” And there was more. Genelia put a rose on top of each tiffin box, adding an extra touch of love. She captioned her post with, “When I have to work and still am always on a guilt trip, how do I deal with it… I leave them little notes with their dabbas, What do you do mommies?”
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Take a look at Genelia D’Souza’s post below:

Just like us, Genelia Deshmukh is a bona fide foodie with a soft spot for home-cooked meals. A while back, she spoke about her love for ghar ka khana [home-cooked food]. The diva gave us a sneak peek into her lunch, which featured chapatis paired with bhurji. We can’t say for sure if it was paneer bhurji or soya bhurji, but it looked scrumptious. And there was another bowl with some sabzi in it, adding to the feast. In a fun twist, Genelia gave a shout-out to her movie Trial Period by writing, “Simple lunch and a reminder of Trial Period.” To read the full story, click here.

What is your go-to tiffin meal? Tell us in the comments.

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