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Freya & Teego are both asleep. Teego (left) has slow steady breathing, whereas Freya (right) seems to have quicker breaths with a pause in-between. Teego is 8 months and Freya is 6 years old, if that makes a difference?


By earmpy

21 thoughts on “Cat breathing patterns when asleep”
  1. Your videos are great! I love watching them. We are currently learning about cat breeds at my school. I learn a lot from your videos! I like to have an advantage in class. Haha! <3 I also read the comments on some of your videos, to learn from your followers as well. Such as from the video where you asked about why your Bengal Chatzi (spelled like that?) does that scraping thingy in water.

    We were going to write about different cat breeds in school, for a test we have next week. I wrote about the Bengal cat.

  2. This vid helped put me at ease with my cat. Never really paid attention to her breathing before but since she's having a lot of asthma attacks recently I thought she was breath weird. Turns out she's breathing just like these cats. Thanks!

  3. I am really concerned, I tested this out with my cats sleeping breathing pattern and my cat breathes 3-4 times during the time it take those cats to breathe once 🙁 is this normal or is it serious??


    Last week I thought I noticed him acting creepy when I was asleep; maybe (I wasn't sure) even filming me. When I asked Freya's opinion on the matter, he replied:

    "well, he's bit of a weird dude, I mean I've never seen him lick his ass…EVER; that's just unnatural. But they're all like that, so just chill, cat: we got a good thing going here, what with the salmon…great vet plan…home theatre, Currytopia takeout on Fridays…anyway, uh, I was kinda licking my a-hole kid…"

    I took the hint and split. But it wasn't just my imagination: last night, while browsing some, er 'feline appreciation' websites on his computer, I accidentally opened a hidden, encrypted spreadsheet file on a cat-shaped thumb drive he keeps in his wallet. After guessing the password (catManDo), I discovered to my horror that it was full of data on our breathing patterns when asleep . I mean, I'm pretty sure that's what it was about, the data was colour coded—whatever the hell colours are—so most of it just looked like blurry lines…actually made me feel a bit nauseus, til I had a vom in his slippers…

    My gravest fears have been realized (okay second gravest, after The Dogpocalypse). It's obvious he plans to kill us with invisible gas, or something equally sinister. I must bring the time of his death forward drastically. Until then, I dare not eat any of the food he gives me…(maybe a tiny bit of salmon…the odd rib…oh and Currytopia Friday nights…) Most importantly, whatever happens, I dare not drop my guard for a moment and……I must not…….go to slee…….zzzzzz"

  5. My cat Spunky has the oddest sleeping patterns/cycles.. When he's not sleeping on my bed.. He's makes a perfect foot warmer since he always likes to lay on my feet.. But he seems to end up halfway from falling off things as he sleeps in the weirdest positions when not on my bed… But he's so cute when he sleeps, it's funny to watch him while he's in REM and his legs and paws will twitch and jolt.. Makes me wonder just what he's dreaming of..

  6. It's really cool that you could catch this, both cats right next to each other at rest, one asleep and the other awake. I do wonder, though, what it might look like the other way around. Freya asleep and Teego awake.

  7. Cats are so cute, I love my little Smulan that lives at my parents place.
    I have two videos of her, and one of my brothers cat if you'd like to see some kitten in action.

  8. i've heard cats spend about 70% of their sleep taking light catnaps, and about 30% in deep sleep. the different phase of a sleep cycle might influence their breathing

  9. They have lovely coats! Gosh I love your channel, so many cat videos! I have a Cat im not 100% sure what breed she is but shes about 5-6 now we got her from a rescue centre, we get all our cats from there. She is so lovely, I honestly believe cats are one of the best pets going, I sometimes watch my sox's breathing patterns and its so beautiful! Thanks for uploading all your videos! They are brilliant!

  10. well teego looks like he's asleep while freya is somewhat awake. also teego could be dreaming, i know my kitty changes breathing patterns when chasing that mouse in the dream land =) also it could be that because of the way freya is laying u might not see the belly expanding until half way into the breath. =) as long as the breathing is not labored you are OK =)

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