Bernese Mountain Dog Just Wants His Cat Sister To Love Him

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By earmpy

37 thoughts on “Cat Doesn’t Want Anyone to See Her Soft Side | The Dodo Odd Couples”
  1. I had three large dogs and one anti social cat. I brought the dogs to the vet for their checkups. The vet noted how clean the dogs ears were and complimented us on the good job. We didn't do it. She asked if we had a female cat. And that was it. Miss antisocial was grooming the dogs when nobody was watching. She finally attached herself to the 110 pound lab and they were inseparable. Then the kids came and we figured it all out. She wasn't antisocial. She just needed to be a mom … to EVERYTHING.

  2. If I'm having a bad day, all I have to do is watch this video or this whole channel and my day becomes awesome.

  3. Would trust a cat babysitting my child for a short period of time over another human… And I’m being dead ass serious.

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