Videos for Cats To Watch : 8 Hours of beautiful birds and bird sounds cat entertainment videos * NOT JUST FOR CATS *

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall #PaulDinning


By earmpy

46 thoughts on “Cat Entertainment : Video and Bird Sounds for Cats * The Ultimate 8 HOURS *”
  1. my cat is extremely clingy from his anxiety, so i put this on when he rubs all over my computer while i’m working. keeps him entertained and distracted so his mama can get stuff done! ❤️

  2. My cats is stuck I the wall in using this to lure her out I'll update you
    Update she poked her head out the she saw the light and retracted.
    Ooh she's coming

  3. My cat is kind of a terror, especially at night, but he LOVES this video and has been calmly watching it for like an hour. Thank you for bringing peace to my house 😭

  4. I live in an apartment and turn this on for when I go to work. Right when it turns on its trills and excitement, and she'll still be watching sometimes when I get back. Thank you sm for my cats favorite show

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