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Buchu and Guri have been good friends that they take care of Guri’s kittens together with love and care. One day, however, Buchu starts moving the kittens outside and drops them off on the rooftop. Why has she started hiding her friend’s kittens outside?

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By earmpy

25 thoughts on “Cat Kidnaps Her Friend's Kittens After She Lost Her Child By A Human | Animal in Crisis EP245”
  1. Please get these female cats spayed, it is not right to not only put them through it but to bring unwanted kittens into an over pet populated world is cruel.

  2. That looks says your not given my kittens away again…. I'll fix it I'll hide them .
    These kittens not going no where on my watch. Says cat. Go get the puppies . You can't give away my babies..
    She probably thinks if the other cat would just work with me. It's not happening again. We keep these.

  3. Mommy cat can hear her babies crying so she goes and finds them and brings them back. Hard work for a cat . One at a time. She must want you to keep them. Big family…

  4. They are adorable cats/kittens, but seriously, get both cats spayed or they will continue to have batches and batches of kittens.

  5. So in other words one cats kittens were weaned and adopted by humans so she is now helping raise and hide her bff's kittens out of fear they will be taken away too. Please correct me if I am wrong

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