In this episode of Cat Mojo, we’re talking all about cat vocalizations! There are over 100 sounds that cats make, and they’re all used for distinct purposes. I’ll talk about the most common ones and help you decode what your cat is saying to you!

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By earmpy

25 thoughts on “Cat Vocalizations and What They Mean”
  1. my cat makes tons of angry sounds when i bathe her and cut her nails. i just ignore it and do what i do. she never attacks or does anything tho, she knows better 😛 but i think its kind of the same with dogs, you just show dominance and do not react to their shinnagginns.

  2. Can thrilling also be a bad thing? I just moved to a new accommodation and there is a female cat who seems very scared and she always makes this sound and then backs off or runs away. It's sounds like a sign of distress but she also makes that sound randomly when I try to play with her. I have never heard any cat making such a sound in this context and it seriously confuses me because the sound is kinda like a very depressed version of a thrill. It sounds like a low "hrmm". I can't wrap my head around it.

  3. I have 3 cats but only one …the one that I’d my avatar, has a large vocabulary. The others meow, chirrup and make all the other ordinary kitty sounds…but Don, has an adorable vocabulary in which he uses consonant sounds etc. Some ‘meows’ seem to start with a distinct ‘B’ sound or ‘W’ etc. But the meow itself also sounds quite different. He also is extremely loving to everyone and every animal. I’ve never even heard him hiss even when introduced to dogs. He trills CONSTANTLY like a momma cat does to kittens. Anytime you reach out to pet him he will make sweet little sounds. He’s the most precious lil guy I’ve ever met! He was a shelter cat and I can see why my son (who worked at the shelter) took him home.

  4. What about the sound female cat makes when they cry, particularly, a Mother Cat, who is so sadness due to separation from her kittens, or calling out to her kittens trying if she would hear response from them?

  5. Mojo back to you Jackson galaxy! And to your lovely wife as well! Thank you so much for educating me. I have had cats most of my life as well as dogs and I find I prefer cats for various reasons. I always enjoy your videos very much and can’t wait to learn more from you!

  6. I love this! But… I'm afraid you're wrong on the caterwauling. I had 2 male cats that made that exact sound… usually in the middle of the night, roaming from one end of the house to the other… I think it's another territory claiming behavior. I know the cat in heat sound, it's as disgusting as the behavior that goes with it!

  7. Mr.Jackson, big fan from your tv series " My Cat from Hell " I would like to know how to get my kitten, Brownie, used to my presence or the presence of my family members.

  8. My cat meows it’s long and direct is she hurt!? Or dose she want attention I give her a lot of attention she dose have kittens and this started a while ago can some one help!!!

  9. My lil boi chrills all the time. I fell in love with it the first time he did it as a bigger kitten, he still does it as the even bigger man kitten that he is now (probably 8 or 9 months now{time flies}😭💖 )

    He does it when he wants do do something but he doesn't know what to do, when he shakes his head and wants the jiggly floppy toy I'm holding even though it's right at his face, when he jumps off his lil cat tower,

    and when I make a specific sound and make a face that drives him crazy, he doesn't actually go crazy though, he just shakes his head and looks slightly offended and acts submissive and looks down like he's sad and rolls around playfully…

    It's so weird but I love it, and I can't tell if he loves it or hates it 😭😂💖 it's so frign weird

  10. My male, spayed cat likes to wander around at night and catwaunder/yowl (I think?) around the house when we go to bed. He's 3 years old and we keep a small lamp on at night so I don't think he's lost. I thought he might just like the sound of his own voice but any good ideas about what this could be about?

  11. We've got a fixed ginger girl (who may be hermaphoditic) who runs around the house with a mouse toy caterwauling on a daily basis. She's a special case in a lot of ways though.

  12. Jackson, I have found that my spayed female comes to the sound of the caterwall. I have learned that to her, it means "where are you, you are far away from me". She comes n goes outside when she pleases. If I haven seen her in awhile, I will call her this way, n she comes. I have tested this theory. As she was walking around the corner of the house, out of my sight, I caterwalled n she will turn around n come back. The yowl, means she wants to play. 🙂

  13. Only time I heard a caterwall was when one of my vets suggested having our female kitten go through her first heat before we spayed her. Not sure why but she seemed to believe it was better for the cat.

  14. A neighbour's cat seems to consider my house and garden part of his territory. Problem is I'm not allowed pets. He meows at me and when I refuse to let him in the house (or maybe he's demanding food?) he chatters at me. Not the usual bird watching chatter but with an annoyed tone as if telling me off.

    One or two of our cats in the past have sometimes used a special kind of yowl, different from a normal one – kind of "Full-bodied" and desperate. It means "Let me out quick I need the toilet" Or "Help I'm going to be sick".

    Fascinating how cats have such a rich variety of sounds – so many more than dogs (didn't know that"). I don't think much of Jackson's imitations though ;-P

  15. Sooooooo i have 2 neutered males and I spayed female that all caterwaul……. my 17 year old male who is deaf is sooooooooo loud and does it all the time. Specifically in the middle of the night and when I'm working during the day.

  16. @Jackson Galaxy – I don't know why, but YouTube won't let me turn on notifications for your channel, you might want to get on their case about this!

  17. I could write a book about my furson's antics. In fact, he's featured in 8-10 of my poems. There's no end to his adventures. Like, he always found out where I'd hidden his treats and I've nearly tripped on empty treat bags, as well as catnip toys he's removed from his toybox and left on the floor. I used to have a laser on a lanyard around my neck, and he would get close to try and retrieve it or bring it to my attention by nosing around my keys, finding it,, and holding it aloft to me as if to say, "here, you stupid human. Use this". Sometimes he'll sit on the arm of my power chair (often getting in it when I get up and sailing across the kitchen floor in it before I can turn it off), and we watch the wildlife outside the window, making ck, cking sounds. I'll ask him if there's a squirrel outside, and I hear that characteristic noise; then I ask if there are birds: nothing. There are none out at the moment. He's so entertaining and responsive. I could go on and on (and it seems I am!) I don't believe cats are cold and stupid; if you treat them like family, they will respond in kind. I even had a cat who tried to speak human words, and a siamese who used the toilet. I've noticed that cats try to imitate their humans, too. Who says they're not smart?!

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