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The baby kitten Mari gets obsessed over licking his sister’s hair that he would always go for it whenever he gets a chance. Such weird behavior has to do with his mom whom he lost early when he was a baby..

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By earmpy

28 thoughts on “Cat Who Lost Mom Suckles A Girl's Hair Instead Of His Mom's Breast | Kritter Klub”
  1. My 25 cat the biggest out of all of our fur babies still suckles my shirt pants and blankets. Three years after I nursed him back to health and adopted him the suckling never stopped on his mama, his safe space. He looks a lot lit this kitten too.

  2. В месяц – это рано отрывать котенка, надо хотя бы в 2 месяца отдавать людям.

  3. My orphan baby cats did exactly like this, to my fingers and palms. Until they got big enough to stop. I can't blame them but to feel pity.

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