I searched this song a few days ago and couldn’t find any versions with the words on it so I decided to make one with the lyrics. Please send any request to jbmmt1224@yahoo.com and make the subject “REQUEST”.


By earmpy

30 thoughts on “Cat's In The Cradle”
  1. This makes me think of my own father. He's great and has done well as a provider but maybe he could just be home more that would be nice.

  2. when i was 8 years cops and possibly ICE agents came busting on my door in the dead of the morning . they took my father along with some cousins. they were illegal of course but my father did something that landed in federal court. he stayed in jail for 5 years. when he got deported we all assumed he would cross the border and rejoin our family like my other cousins. but he didn't and instead he met another woman had other kids. i visited him Guatemala once and met my step siblings, they were just children and i was 15. i resented the immediately along with my father and his new woman. while he was fucking in Guatemala my mom toiled in a cold chicken factory for over 10 years supporting me, my brother and my sister, all by herself. recently i heard that my fathers woman and kids crossed the border and my old man followed suit. he called me to see how i was , i wanted to blow up in face but i was polite and answered his questions. he told me he loved me. i simply responded goodbye take care. he said he was gonna call again. i dont want that. this song brings up too much of that sadness and bitterness and so thats why i resent this song no matter how lovely it is.

  3. Gosh! I got myself in listening to oldies & they do sounds great!! Who else is listening?? I’m sure that their r a lot of people out there who enjoy these oldies!

  4. I spent 22 years in the Marine Corps. I got sent on deployments all the time including the first gulf war. I didn't get as much time with my son as I wanted. This song hits home hard now because I'm retired and my son is working and living his life and does not have time for me. Hard lesson to swallow. Dads, spend time with your kids.

  5. Parts of the song that him me really hard:
    – "He learned to walk while I was away" – my dad is an alcoholic and I remember when I was really young, while my mom was at work he mostly ignored me (he was unemployed.) I remember making up imaginary stories to keep myself entertained and crying alone in my room because I missed my mom.
    – "When you coming home dad?" – My dad was at home mostly just sitting around. I would go up to him and ask him if he wanted to play with me. Although he was there, he wasn't mentally there which hits me the hardest. He would always say "maybe later" to get my hopes up and because I was young, I believed him. Again, I would use my imagination to keep myself entertained.
    – "I'm gonna be like you dad, You know I'm gonna be like you" – until I was about 12 years old, I still wanted to be like my dad. Come to realize with age you become more aware of your surroundings and that feeling started to fade.
    – "Thanks for the ball, dad. Come on, let's play." When I was around 10 my dad did buy me a baseball mitt and a ball. I would always ask him to play but I always got the same response. "Maybe later." I remember one time he got so frustrated that I wasn't throwing the ball correctly that he cursed, threw his mitt on the ground, and stormed off. I never asked to play again after that.
    I'm not 18 yet but so much more has happened. These are just the parts of the song I can relate to. He missed my whole childhood and I was forced to mature quicker because of my environment. It makes me very sad. Soon I'm going to have my own life and who knows how often I'll see my parents. Me and my dad are never going to be able to make up for the time we missed.

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