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Teego the cat sits there watching a fox walking around beside his Catio. Either the fox hasn’t seen him, or isn’t interested!
I doubt the fox hasn’t seen him though!


By earmpy

48 thoughts on “Cat's not scared of a fox!”
  1. Foxes are not interested in cats and tend to avoid them not prey and give nasty injuries , cats seem to ignore foxes too , I've seen my cats look straight though them , and pay for more attention to other cats

  2. I've never seen a cat and a fox interact. So my experience is limited. From this video it looks like the fox had no interest in Teego. From just looking at the physical appearance of the two animals, one would think they fox would have the advantage. The fox could even be someones pet. From videos, Teego is just as likely to want to play with the fox, as possibly fighting him, or her.

  3. Love cats, and subscribed to this channel, but why is it caged…? Is there something I'm missing? cats need to be allowed out to play…

  4. House cats tend to not be scared of anything. They will punch a crocodile in the face and proceed to hiss at it. They are the scary thing. Only thing scarier: a BIGGER house cat. And it is so awesome to see cats just stare a giant top predator in the face, and scare the crap out of them.

  5. I can't get onto your website, will it be up again? I find your videos so informative, I've two part bengals and a half bengal baby on the way 😊

  6. did anyone see the ALIEN at 46-51sec near the table check it out…it lands on the table then gets off and walks away towards the right.. watch it a couple of times to train your eye and your brain….then comment….

  7. I had an 11 pound female cat who would back rottweilers right down the driveway, she treated all dogs as interlopers and would attack any dog who tried to come on the property.

  8. One of my sisters has 2 Sphynx boys – they are more than happy to go out and beat up foxes.  The foxes don't appreciate it much!

  9. Here in the UK it’s a lot easier for cats I guess than in the US. The only REAL dangers to cats are cars, dogs and of course the worst offender human cruelty and neglect. RSPCA always likes to see a cat flap in the door if they home a cat with you in the UK. Many in the US suggest keeping cats indoors permanently due to predators. No rabies here either which helps I guess.

  10. yes the odd fox MAY even attack a human. There have been cases. But its very rare. I get a lot of foxes around by me. My next door neighbour feeds them. They come in my garden a lot. I have seen the cat out there sat on top of the dustbin looking down nervously at them but standing his ground. They didn't attack but I don't think Odin would have stayed there for long if they got TOO close. But then I would have gone out too and frightened them off so…

  11. All of our cats have been standard outdoor cats. The last of ours to pass away was 17 years old and she died healthy in her sleep. One of ours now is 16 years old and there's nothing wrong with him (apart from being a bit slow).

  12. Oh come on! My 2 male cats Apollo and Leonidas hang out with a local Fox. Foxes are sweet animals. It's the Coyotes that are vicious. My cats are scared to death of Coyotes, but like the foxes.

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