CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss the spread of the contagious Delta variant, data from the UK, and the increase in coronavirus cases in lower-vaccinated counties.

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By earmpy

43 thoughts on “CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky on spread of the Delta variant, increase in COVID cases”
  1. She jumped the gun and took the mask mandating out . This Same woman was crying about an impending doom and two weeks later she lifted the mask mandate 😂And we supposed to listen to her advice? 🤦‍♂️

  2. She needs to be fired. Anyone with common sense knew cases would rise once the mask mandate was lifted. She should own up to her mistake.

  3. Explain why vaccinated people still gets covid ? And you say no need to wear mask? Why are you playing with the lives of people ? Mask are so cheap , just wear them -better safe than sorry .look at Los Angeles .

  4. Let’s see “it’s safe” she says, even though only time can prove if it is ..that’s like building a new Boeing airplane model and rushing it to service without proper testing and asking the public to accept what is obviously not true.and boldly demanding you believe it and take the risk.

  5. This information is shocking, so 4 For my love they are my adversaries: but I give myself unto prayer.(Ps 109:4) Heavenly Father thank you for the all the lives that were spared last year during the pandemic. I ask those reading this to agree with me and repeat, "This Delta Variant will not take the lives of many people. We speak life and not death over everyone in the US. We speak health, peace, safety, prosperity and love over everyone in the US. The steps of the enemy to destroy the lives of citizens are destroyed and no weapon formed against America and its citizens shall prosper in the mighty name of Jesus!"

  6. When you {CDC} hold the patent for the PCR test to identify the variant
    its easy to pretend that any variant you choose to is now dominant despite the genomic sequence being almost 100% identical to the original isnt it Ms Walensky?
    It seems they're onto you ,what now ?

    Why are there patents dating back to 2007 with identical genome sequences to Delta variant suggesting that there is nothing novel here and this is nothing but hype to scare Americans into taking an injection that is NOT safe as reported by 4000 deaths on Vaers?;jsessionid=0B92120B90413AE9658AAE4123F2

  7. Where’s the story on … filed today Thursday- CDC is being sued ! Kids not in school- Teachers Union was in cahoots telling CDC what to do –
    If this is true … CDC director needs jail !!!!

  8. All of this while Joke Biden's regime is welcoming unchecked illegal immigration, at the southern border, and flying or bussing them accross the country?! Many of whom is infected with the virus?! MSM can't tell me nothing, they refuse to bring these issues up!

  9. 1 Corinthians 14:33 KJV — For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

    However this lady while trying her best to convince us she's a braniac as she reads from her notes(watch here eyes carefully 🙄)
    Is well paid to spread confusion.

  10. Wrong mass vaccinations with crappy vaccines are to blame. Stop blaming non vaccinated people as vaccinated can spread to vaccinated. Natural immunity is much safer.

  11. So tell me Dr. Rochelle Walensky……. how was your vacation..?
    You look like you got some sun…. must be nice.
    Most Americans aren't as fortunate. Thanks to YOU..!!

  12. They dont realize how serious this they rather go around spreading corona people need to do the right thing get the vaccine and stop being stupid corona is not a joke by not taking a you will have to pay the consequences it's not worth it I got my vaccine that was the best thing I ever did I actually want to be done with this

  13. If global warming is a critical issue caused by too many people, why are we desperately trying to prolong the lives of so many people? I think we should pick which problem we want to solve and quit whining about the other? 😉

  14. See what happens people when they dropped the mask mandate cases climbed. Now here we are once again and there still telling us it's safe, ya right j and j aren't safe. Wear your masks I don't care if your vaccined wear your masks plz.

  15. I agree we need vaccinated – I got mine but it’s the attitude of the CDC and some health professionals who are causing the fight. Stop treating us like idiots – we know there are some issues with vaccines in some people. Instead of acknowledging it and presenting a way to protect if it happens, you blow it off. Just look at ivermectin argument – it’s a drug that works but you blow it off. My God, stop with the attitude and let people know there are ways around it, and if they are afraid, show them how to feel safe and that you won’t blow them off. The CDC needs to stop the bullying – stop with making it mandatory. Let people decide and they will do it. You (CDC amd FDA) caused this lack of trust.

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