New COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are slightly higher than they were a year ago, in the summer of 2020. And about 35000 vaccinated people per week …


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35 thoughts on “CDC finds Delta variant more contagious than common cold”
  1. Imagine being so privileged that you think freedom entails going out to eat and not having to cover your nose and mouth during a pandemic. Insanity and idiocracy.

  2. Stupid Florida Governor—I’m as happy as the next to give people freedom until it infringes on my health and safety as well as those who are immune compromised and the vaccine won’t help them. It’s all about selfishness here. Vaccines aren’t just for you but everyone you come into contact with. This should be a team effort!

  3. Can you do the math on number of unvaccinated people who have died? Since there are more unvaccinated people you will come up with about the same percentage. At the hospital where I work vaccinated people are being hospitalized in a county that have less than 50% vaccinated.

  4. How about this one? 34 million people got sick and the total population is 328 million. A little over ten percent. And out of that 34 million you have to take into account those that got sick more than once that they counted and all the false positives as well. And out of all those cases only 1 out of 100 die so that makes the death rate very low but they are pushing this vaccine down our throats and takIng away all of our liberties. Make it make sense

  5. According to lying journalists we are all infected and dead already twice and it's not because of the virus it's because we got vaxxed and said "hello" to a healthy vaxx free person. Now we are all dead and we deserve all of it LOL

  6. And I wonder how many of those 1,000,000 illegals that crossed the border since Biden took office were infected ? You wanna wear your mask, go ahead. You wanna be locked down again. Go ahead. Remember when the most popular president in history ( Biden ) said he was gonna lead us out of this mess. ? I'm waiting for the Kamala variant and one the symptoms will be the Kamala cackle.

  7. The test that the Medical Community is using is flawed, so one could have the flu and they'll tell you it's the Man Made Coved(yes it's has a Patent Number) and the worse thing is these MAD sicko Doctor's are killing patients using the VENTILATORS, instead of giving them HCQ and Zinc or Ivermectin which many of people have gone to Court to obtain permission to save family members and are out of the Hospital within days, instead of weeks on a VENTILATOR?

  8. Breakthrough infections we knew this was happening a long time ago but they wanted to keep the numbers down and not scare anyone but even a fully vaccinated like myself have to take precaution and continue to wear my mask.

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  10. When the common cold is used as the base, i thought ALL corona varieties were more contagious. Isn't that what we were told? Mixed messages here and there…

  11. You still have to wear a facemasks rather you take a vacine or not so why should people take the vaccine for they still have to wear a facemasks

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