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Chocolate Cake In 4 Minutes! Dont Believe Us? Try This Recipe And Decide

4-minute chocolate cake: There are a few things in life that provide instant happiness, and a big piece of chocolate cake is surely one of them. Imagine that delicious chocolate cake with rich chocolate ganache on the top – the very thought is enough to uplift your mood. Right? From being a part of our special days to bringing joy on a mundane day, chocolate cake has been a constant in our lives. And if you love baking, then you feel an enhanced sense of joy and fulfillment. Hence, to satisfy the baker in you, we thought of sharing a delicious chocolate cake recipe that you can easily replicate at home. Now, you must be wondering what is so special about it! So let us tell you, this delicious chocolate cake can be made in not more than four minutes. You read that right. So without any further delay, let’s take you through the amazing process of making a four-minute chocolate cake.
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Chocolate Cake Baking Tutorial: 5 Baking Tips To Remember To Make Chocolate Cake:

Baking is all about science. Mixing the right kind of ingredients in the correct amount and cooking for a specific time helps you achieve the desired taste and texture of a homemade chocolate cake.
– Always use good quality ingredients and appliances to bake your cake properly and get the perfect taste and texture of your homemade chocolate cake.
– Pick the right kind of flour (preferably maida) for a perfectly light and airy chocolate cake.
– Take ingredients in exact measurement. Overdoing with any ingredient may end up making your homemade chocolate cake too dry or moist.
– Always mix the dry ingredients first and then add the liquid ingredients for the perfect batter. The best practice is to blend and whip the batter as efficiently as you can for a smooth texture.
– Always let your cake cool down completely before you decorate it. Working on hot cake might build cracks, further leading to a collapse.
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4-Minute Chocolate Cake Recipe: How To Bake A Quick And Easy Chocolate Cake In 4 Minutes:

This quick and easy recipe has been shared by Chef Pankaj Bhadouria on her Instagram handle. She begins with preparing a buttermilk by adding some vinegar to a bowl of milk. Next, she mixed the dry ingredients like flour, baking soda, and cocoa powder and sieved them well. To it, she added the buttermilk and some refined oil to prepare a smooth and glossy batter. Next, she added the mould to a microwave oven-safe container and baked it for just four minutes. That’s it! You have a freshly baked delicious chocolate cake ready to be relished.
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Cake Decoration Hacks: Quick Tips For Best Chocolate Cake Presentation:

Chef Pankaj further shared a quick hack to decorate the chocolate cake to make it look extra special. For that, she prepares a ganache with three ingredients – fresh cream, butter, and dark chocolate. Then she drizzled cut the cake from the centre and added sugar syrup on each slice, which was then stacked one upon the other and covered with chocolate ganache. Finally, she added some cherries on the top and you have a confectionary-like chocolate cake ready to be relished.
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Watch the detailed video below:

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