Coronavirus Delta Variant Hits Karachi | BOL News Headlines | 12:00 PM | 23 July 2021
Eid-ul-Azha 2021 Celebrations in Pakistan
Massive Power Breakdown on Eid
COAS Celebrating Eid ul Azha with Martyrs
PM Imran Khan & Bilawal Bhutto Jalsa in Kashmir
AJK Election Campaign Last Day
AJK General Elections – PTI vs PPP vs PMLN
Pakistan vs Afghanistan
Canadian Prime Minister Statement on Islamophobia
Afghan Ambassador Daughter Kidnapping Drop Scene
Heavy Rain Forecast in Karachi, Sindh
Petrol Prices Hike Prediction
Coronavirus Delta Variant Outbreak in Pakistan
COVID-19 Cases Hike in Pakistan
Coronavirus Live Updates Today
COVID 19 Vaccination in Pakistan
Pakistan Weather Forecast Today
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12 thoughts on “Coronavirus Delta Variant Hits Karachi | BOL News Headlines | 12:00 PM | 23 July 2021”
  1. Very shameful china Govt refused to attend Qureshi in china visits N restricted entry any Pakistani official fir bhi Qureshi china gaya.

  2. Napak Pakistani fauj ki kayarana harkat yeh hai ki kabhi Afghan Safeer ki beti ko Kidnap tuh kabhi Ex Pakistani Safeer ki beti ki qatal

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