What’s up Perfectly Blended Family?? Happy First Day of Fall! It’s a hectic time of year for us as we adjust to our new ” Fall Schedule”. Watch the video to see the ups and downs with adjusting to our new Fall Routine.

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20 thoughts on “Dad Forgets To Pick Up Daughter | Our Crazy Fall Routine”
  1. Shantel, you are one of the greatest down to earth young ladies, & have a great sence of humor, as a young lady, thanks so much for showing your gym workout, that was very inspiring to me, keep up the great work,oh & you have one of the greatest families also, 🙏👍

  2. Never left them anywhere. I have lost them at Walmart, and at a theme Park before when they were very, very young. My kids were very independent and were not afraid of people or the unknown. So they decided to leave mommy in the Walmart to go pursue their own interests in the toy section and kept moving from there as soon as I turned my back. They were like 2 & 4yrs old. When we found them, my daughter (the youngest ring leader) had the nerve to tell me “mommy YOU were lost!” 😠 🙄I was so relieved and annoyed at the same time that they were disobedient. It’s funny how when you misplaced your kids, all of a sudden you can’t remember what they are wearing…hmmm🤔

  3. Kuliegirl. Guys. Thanks so much for sharing. I was out on vacation and playing catch up Greg don’t feel so bad. It happens to the best of us. I remember when the girls were little we did the same thing. It doesn’t make you a bad parent. You guys are juggling a lot. Always so proud of all you both do for yourselves and for the kids. Much love ❤️ always

  4. hii! is the youngest one named Danny or Deenie (sp?)? 😬

    [the little one's name doesn't usually show up in closed captions (for me), plus auto-generated CC are not to be trusted at all times anyway. LOL]

    iDK if it's accent or my own hearing x processing — sometimes i swear it's Danny then Chantel will say the name + i'm shaken back uncertainty. 😂

    ETA: brand new to your channel — my bad if you've covered this or their names are somewhere obvious that i'm not seeing. thanks in advance for understanding; no shade intended. 🖤✊🏾

  5. We all are going to miss or fail at something. No parent wants to keep a child waiting. Our lives can be so hectic at times, we don't know if we are coming or going. Lighten up on yourself. She knows in everything your love for her runs deep and constant.

  6. It's okay Greg. It happens to the best of us. When my daughter was younger my sister picked her up from school because I worked late; well there was a teacher's strike (not all) and my sister went at the regular time and when she got there the school was all locked down and everyone was gone. I found all this out after I got home, became hysterical and called the police who came out and listened to our story and then he said very calmly, she's not missing. Anyway to shorten this long story, she was sitting nine her usual spot waiting to be picked up when a janitor came a long and said come with me and took her on her rounds while she cleaned and never bothered to ask if she knew how to call someone to get her. Anyway she was safe and I was happy. 😊

  7. Greg don't beat yourself up so much. She's home and safe that's all that matters. I was late picking up my daughter and I was so scared but I got to her and she was fine. You are a great dad and a good person. 🙂🙂

  8. Stuff happens to the best of us believe me. It's no one's fault but just. Keep track if the time schedule closely. Stay positive stay safe the lasagna looks great. Mask up

  9. Hey family,chantel nd greg happy to see your morning routine,both of you jimming to stay healthy,greg,to forgot jasemine is scary but not bad,we all come there,its better nothing happened to her

  10. First of all, thank you guys for showing us your routines at the gym. I’m a beginner so it was very helpful for me. Greg, you guys are such great parents it’s impossible to be perfect parents. My daughter is your age Chantel. When she was about 8 years old I completely forgot to pick her up from school for a whole hour. I was at the grocery store. After I realized I didn’t have her with me, I left the grocery cart in the middle of the aisle and ran out the store. When I finally got to school, she ran into my arms crying while hugging me so tight. She said she was the last one to be picked up and thought I was never coming back. This was before cell phones. For days I felt so bad. How could I forget my own child. Today we talk and laugh about the incident, but back then it was quite scary. So, it happens to the best of us.

  11. Hi FAM greg and chantel you all are great parents and that happens in life its not like u intentionally forgot you are a great dad as chantel is a great mom the children are healthy happy and loved. Great job FAM I have been late to pick up my sons I worked nights and I over slept I woke up at time I should have been there luckily I was just 10 minutes away so I hurried to go get them its a part of life life happens I was a single parent doing my best so my sons call me number one mom and you two are number one in your children eyes be blessed and loved your work out.💞💙💞💙💞

  12. Greg you such a great hands on dad with his family….you guys you such good parents to your kids…Greg nothing to feel bad about..we all have done that before…it's 👌🆗️💓💓💓

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