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Dat Purple Cat Mount | Wowhead Downtime Tuesday #1 | TradeChat



By earmpy

28 thoughts on “Dat Purple Cat Mount | Wowhead Downtime Tuesday #1 | TradeChat”
  1. "Purple Cat Mount?" Almost triggered my Wintersaber-related PTSD/sadness… One downside to now playing the best Faction in WoW, is that I can no longer ride my faithful Wintersaber Mount that's been with me through thick and thin since Vanilla (back when the grind to get it was ACTUALLY HARD…) I'm so sad.. Instead I get this ugly black Raptor that looks indiscernible from an ordinary one… I'm tempted to play the lesser Faction purely for my beautiful beautiful kawaii lavender Wintersaber-chan… :'(

  2. I have become far too invested in my garrison. ignoring all other content. how do I right the ship at this point? I just want to kill iron horde and get jiggy with the locals. I relate to your derpcraft videos with chiib and everything else is somewhat skewed and irrelevant. I am hopelessly cast asunder and am ready for the judgment I deserve,

  3. I'm not 100% sure but I just read that a form of WoW Insider, called BlizzardWatch, will be sticking around thanks to some crowd funding help.  If so I'm pretty stoked!

  4. I am often a Fan of the Iron Boot Flask Then the Orb of the Sin Dorei on my female tunes. On my male toons I use The Pygmy Oil with the Orb of the Sin Dorei.
    Where elves arent my favorite race, There is limited access to Goblin gals in shame shifting.
    Also helps me hide when my Character in question is under fire during holidays for achievements. 🙂

  5. QOTD: idk if this falls under exactly what you're asking about, but the trolls that were out in force on Christmas day were using the World Shrinker with the Trained Icehoof Mount and literally blocking out Grandfather Winter and his massive tree pretty much all day…

  6. Soo good to see your doll no longer looking so creepy, had images of a "chucky" like death after seeing her for the first time……just saying :/

  7. I NEED that Hogger stuffed animal in my life!!! 

    I've seen someone as Gamon with growth elixir on them while riding the traveler's tundra mammoth. It's a big and ridiculous sight. 

  8. Hey Panser, WoW Insider moved to another site by the name of Blizzard Watch! Just thought I'd let you know if someone else hasn't addressed it already. They started up a Patreon to run the website by themselves and everything.

  9. What would be really awesome is if they fixed the firekitty affect from the burning essence druids can use from firelands. I noticed while raiding that when i use incarnation i can't see my epic armor SUPER SURFACE!! And after my incarnation falls off i loose my fire form and have to quickly snapshot out then back into cat form to get it back. I know I'd greatly appreciate if they gave us some visual affect of incarnate whether it be the druid armorr or even mojo's armor we see in firelands. A tweek to this would make a lot of druids super happy 🙂

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