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By earmpy

29 thoughts on “Days 138 & 139 | First Fall Colors in the Whites & Zealand Falls Trail | Appalachian Trail 2021”
  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Watching this segment of your hike as I sit in front of my fireplace at home in North Conway. It’s nice to see you enjoying our area. I never run out of hikes to go on. From a Razorback alumni.

  2. Welcome to North Conway! It’s so neat to see my home area in your videos. Zealand is one of my favorite hikes and it looks like I was there just after you from the foliage! It’s such a nice change of trail from the ruggedness of the rest of the white mountains.

  3. Thank wasn't a leach , it was a hideous monster 👹… I am not sure if course when post but Mt Washington was I think 50 degrees one day , then two days later there was 3 ft of slow a few days later . W 90 mph winds Those boreal back waters are so I live in the Monadnock region and while it is far lower in elevation, we do have some boreal back waters… I here tell of that post hike depression that can set in …I think I may get a touch of that once your trip is over ..as always, lord bless 🙏

  4. I have never seen a leach and I didn't know they got that big. Wow, I bet your glad you saw that before you jumped in? Other than the leach it looked beautiful.

  5. I plan on Thru Hiking in 2022 leaving in March. Will be posting to You Tube as well on my Channel, thank you for your videos as they have given me a pretty good idea of what will be going on!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Kelly! I have totally eaten in that booth!!! One of the best McDaniels ever! That was one hell of a resupply! I wish there was more LCHF ready made meals. Someday I hope. You weren’t kidding about having stellar weather. Almost doesn’t seem like NH! Nice to see a little color, but as you know that is nothing compared to the explosion of color you got! So excited for your Washington Summit! I bet it was epic! 🙏 Thanks for bringing us along today. I hope tomorrow’s miles are kind. Keep truckin’ and be well.


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