UwU Cat Boy comes from Deku’s window with his hand and feet bloody. How did Deku react? What happened between them? How is UwU Cat Boy’s past?


By earmpy

42 thoughts on “Deku Meets UwU Cat Boy|UwU Cat Boy's Past|Angst|BNHA/MHA|Gacha Club”
  1. So that is how uwu cat boy began! People thought "tiktok trend it will make me popular" so then more boys started to become one with the uwu cat boy! 😳

  2. Wow I will never see a UwU the same way again maybe next I should see what it’s wants but if it’s gacha heat I’m yeeting it to the sun

  3. OwO cat: breaks in
    Izu: NANI
    also izu 1 second later: ARE U OK!?
    OwO cat: {literally says whole life story}
    izu: {listens to every word he says}

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