To speed up approvals for Pfizer and Moderna in India, the government may grant them indemnity from liability. Health Ministry sources have said other countries have done it and “there is no problem” in granting indemnity or legal protection from any claims linked to the use of a company’s COVID-19 vaccine. In another key waiver, the drug regulator has done away with the requirement of India-specific trials for foreign vaccines approved by specific countries and WHO for emergency use. Experts explain what this means for India’s vaccination program.

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By earmpy

18 thoughts on “Delta Variant Dominant, More Transmissible, Caused 2nd Wave | Coronavirus: Facts Vs Myths”
  1. Shes lying and shes trying to think up a lie these vaccine is not gonna protect you from getting the new variant i did research myself

  2. Delta variant is NEW Covid used by different species of Bat as bio weapon. That was aerosol into different states in India so to paralyse India before they attack militarily within 1 year is more possible. It is Fraud vaccine business of Bill Gates fraud which turned to become China's bio weapons.

  3. Ye kya 2 din se Delta Delta laga rakha hai har jagah. Usse pehle last 2 months se kuch aur bata rahe the . Ab Indian strain nahi hai ye ?

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