Team coverage of rising COVID-19 cases in the Bay Area and across the country fueled by the Delta variant (7-15-2021)


By earmpy

47 thoughts on “Delta Variant Fuels Alarming Rise in COVID Cases Locally and Across U.S.”
  1. I don't see that many people wearing masks anymore maybe cause it's summer here in FL. Just cause you are vaccinated doesn't mean you are immune ftom getting the virus. I know a number of people who have tested positive months after getting vaccinated. We all tested positive back in January with mild symptoms.

  2. So the answer again will be shut down the economy, destroy businesses to keep there power over us……businesses do not let them do any of this again

  3. Humanity is absolutely dead inside because of all the rules and laws we are confined to do what the government says when they say and everyone is miserable because of it but if humanity would just grow a pair and rise up we could get rid of the evil machine and live life FREE as man was intended to do this is why the American dream is dead, because you have to be asleep to live it

  4. Protect your child & Loved Ones, learn the Truth About Vaccination Programs, read the Historic, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr Robert B Strecker & Attorney Theodore A Strecker.

  5. A real Democrat would say CV19, NASA, NSA , CIA , FBI , WHO , CDC , FBI, BLM, NAACP, MSM, NFL,NHL, NBA,IRS ect.. Tellls tha truth ok maybe we can get somewhere,

  6. Please pray and help one another, I speak that this variant will not be as destructive as Covid and that unvaccinated minorities will not contract the virus as this death threat was spoken over them and it is not received in Jesus name.

  7. Why she gotta make it about race?! What are YOU doing as mayor to bring vaccinations to these people in this SMALL ass city….. go do some outreach fix the problems

  8. the virus doesn't care about the race. so, why is the stupid mayor injecting race here? the vaccine is free for all, so, why are these people not vaccinated yet? it is their own fault if the y are unvaccinated and they get infected. The poo people are collecting welfare promptly but don't have time to get vaccinated? I am sure they are having babies evry year.

  9. You’re going to have more than 250 death you’re going to have thousands and thousands because you guys do not shut the border down you guys let the people come in and you guys fly these people that are coming in to different states do you guys don’t keep these people three or four weeks in one place to see that they don’t have the virus you guys are not given the choice to these people you guys don’t give a damn and you know what you all deserve this because you guys Novat better than to allow this to happen in your state and you guys know better than to allow this president to tell you what the hell to do in that governor y’all half he needs to get the hell out of office because everything‘s gonna come down on him let’s if he does the same thing that Como did up there and put all the elderly people and young people together so they can all dieThat’s how people don’t trust his government and now they’re blaming Latinos are blaming black people everything else are you fucking serious are you serious the virus does not care you dumb lady the virus is going to hit white anybody you can with a weak immune system how can you say that and this propaganda that you’re talking about it’s all bullshit because all you Gotta do is look back and if you know you’re a tax anybody with a weak immune system Man you all politicians are full of shit y’all can go to hell

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