Authorities have said the prevalence of the delta variant is responsible for the sharp rise in cases in England. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing a difficult decision on whether to reopen the country on June 21. That’s the day Johnson’s government said people could look forward to a lifting of all limits on social contacts.

The UK started easing lockdown restrictions in mid-April. But a coronavirus variant known as “Delta” has put further reopening in doubt, as cases of the mutation rise. Delta was first identified in India. It is now the dominant strain among the average 5,000 daily cases being reported in Britain.


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By earmpy

37 thoughts on “Delta variant: Is the UK facing a fourth wave of coronavirus infections? | DW News”
  1. Another Way to Process “Lock Downs”: ADULTS ‘being grounded’ like 13yr Old bc their NOT BEHAVING in a way keeps their self & others safe?

    Possibly a “Test” of the Collective COGNITIVE Awareness from GOD?

    ** Reference: 1918 Spanish Flu
    DONE in 2yrs with NO VACCINE

    1) staying inside – only get necessities
    2) washing hands – hygiene
    3) Assuming sober-mindedness too?

    Bc they KNEW if they WEREN’T ALL CONSCIOUS the human race would Parrish. And guess what happened after they sacrificed their fleshy desires?

    FLAPPER ERA: 9 Years ‘Heaven on Earth’.

    Frustrating that the “bigger picture” of all of this is legit being missed. Realistically at this rate, we’re legit none the wiser 100yrs later?

    Come on. DO BETTER. Evolve. You have a literal LIBRARY in the palm of your hand you spoiled brats LoL 😂

  2. Amazing so they finally have moved on from calling it the 3rd wave can´t wait until the 5th wave.

  3. They will say and do anything for you to take that covid-19 shot, they Act so desperate when it comes to that shot. that is exactly why I will not take it.

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  6. How long are they going to keep this going? It seems like everyday you are hearing of a new variant.. seriously this is what the news has come to. Why not report on something else.

  7. We all know it’s going to continue
    Like when they leaked “we will be looking for some guy in a cave for years” after 9/11
    Wake up people please..!
    The news media have been caught on tape saying the same on Covid. It will keep going on!
    Do the research

  8. Scientifically speaking , I never heard of this! this is a weapon virus made to kill humans , thats my intuition , it will never go with vaccines because it s artificial.

  9. This isn’t a 4th wave. The resurgence happened after the 4 week lockdown before Xmas and the second wave wasn’t suppressed until February-March this year. Don’t know what school the government went to but this is only the third wave. Don’t forget your daily dose of fear!

  10. With airports and airlines operating in countries with high case numbers what do you expect. They are just transporting it globally I think air travel needs to be stopped in certain countries as it’s just prolonging the spread and the pandemic.

  11. I recon August time 4 next lockdown said it last year. And people still flying in and out of UK to go abroad there will defo be another varients after we get to grips with Indian virus.

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