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Yahoo Finance’s Anjalee Khemlani reports on the rise in coronavirus cases as the Delta variant continues to spread across the United States. Anjalee also reports on the concerns over the Delta variant in Tokyo.
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By earmpy

35 thoughts on “Delta variant surges in US with 1 in 5 infections in Los Angeles occurring in fully vaccinated”
  1. Thank lying Biden & Q-Mala for allowing millions of illegal immigrants to enter the southern border without negative PCR test and transporting them to states who were doing well during the worst part of the covid19 pandemic.


  3. Maybe the 900,00 unvaccinated , untested, illegals being ushered into the country are playing into these numbers. Maybe Democrates should address that issue and Stop attacking citizens that won't" Do as they are Told..".

  4. How did the Delta virus get into the US? Doesn't seem to be any security measures preventing viruses from spreading quickly globally. Next time the virus could cause mass human extinction. This is a massive wake up call to improve security.

  5. How many people caught the Flu by day per state and county in the last month? How many were admitted to the hospital? How many dies of the common Flu? Government is lying to us as usual. How do we know your not just manipulating the Flu numbers to make it look like Covid numbers are going up? Why should we trust you?

  6. That's why the CDC should take back what they said about vaccinated not having to wear masks. 1 in 5 being breakthrough cases is not a low number. Walensky is really unwise.

  7. The wisest thing that should be on every wise individual list is to invest in different stream of income that don't depend on the government to bring money especially now that the pandemic is hitting economy pretty hard.

  8. The doctor who told you to wear a mask 😷 wrote that masks 😷 don’t work against Covid-19 before he told you to wear a mask 😷. The masks 😷 were a false sense of security. About half of fauci’s team refuses to get the vaccine. The delta variant is the most mild so far with a 0.02% chance of death.

  9. Maybe the high areas are where the migrants are being sent to, border agentsxsaid over a million crossed and they are being tested, quarantined or vaccinated either.

  10. The good news is that the “ Delta Variant “ seems to only be effecting Woke White Progressive Liberals and only in the Testicular area, and since male liberals have no testicles it seems to only be effecting the females of the species.

  11. With that statistic even if everyone was fully vaccinated variants would continue to thrive and spread. And they don't have to be severe or deadly for the world to halt apparently.

  12. Here in NY we had 2 deaths from COVID… What is wrong with the rest of the country? The map really speaks for itself, the vaccinated areas aren't seeing surges

  13. Fear monger BS! Who cares about infection rate we all get sick what matters is hospitalization rates and while 20% of the vaccinated may test positive less than 2% end up in the hospital.

  14. Do your own research: UK or Israel, vaccinated, hospital, deaths….use DuckDuckGo not Googles to bypass bias searching. Instead of the government telling you what to believe, do your own research. Same vaccine, same level of hospital care, different data…Why? Sad that you have to go to outside sources from the US to find the truth. You decide, not 100% but enough to ask a question. That is all we ask but only if you want to loose your innocence.

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