Choreographer / Woonha
Song / Doja Cat – Streets

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By earmpy

37 thoughts on “Doja Cat – Streets / Woonha Choreography”
  1. The center of the second group 1:00 is YOUHA. She used to be in the YG trainee for 9 years and she left yg already. Now she under Universal Music Korea and have 3 single. Hope you guys support her✨💖🙏 You can follow her by 👇🏻
    Twitter: ‪@YOUHA_OFFICIAL‬
    YouTube Channel: YOUHA 유하

  2. They were amazing.✌️👍
    But Sorry To say For Me Mina And Eunho is always❤️ gonna forever coz they both Set The Bar Very High🔥🔥🔥 for a Performance like this ❤️

  3. Their movements were so fluid it was unreal! Another great YouTube video on this subject is Hero on Planet Classroom Network. Summary: Performer Reuel Rogers who personifies self-empowerment through dance!

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