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“Dont Insult Momo”: Internet Reacts To Lucknow Street Vendor Selling Healthy Momos

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When it comes to street food, who can resist the mouthwatering allure of momos? From cheese-loaded delights to chicken-packed options, tandoori twists, and classic veggie wonders, there is a momo for every palate. Each of us holds a steadfast favourite close to our hearts. Yet, for those conscious of health and the gym buffs among us, momos can sometimes feel like a guilty pleasure due to their all-purpose flour outer layer. But wait, a street vendor in Lucknow has unveiled the secret to guilt-free momos. In an Instagram video, she proudly presents momos wrapped in a cabbage leaf and offers a healthy twist to this beloved snack. However, the die-hard momo lovers were not ready to embrace this unconventional creation. 
In the video, the vendor skillfully takes a cabbage leaf, lays it out on the counter, and wraps it around the momo filling. Once the cabbage-wrapped momos are sealed, she gently steams them to perfection. After steaming, she adds a drizzle of oil to a pan, stir-fries the momos on both sides and elegantly presents them on a plate alongside some chutneys. To add a final touch of flavour, she sprinkles sesame seeds before serving these wholesome momos.
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Take a look at the video below:

Curious about the price, location, and hours of this nutritious momo stall? The video caption spills the beans – you can savour this wholesome delight for just 150 rupees from 6 pm to 11 pm in Lucknow.
The video has garnered an impressive total of 3.9 million views. In the comment section, thousands of OG momo enthusiasts voiced their criticism of this unique experiment.
A user wrote, “It’s not momo. What are you doing destroying the authentic taste? If you don’t want to use maida, just use aata instead.”
Another user wrote, “With all due respect, I don’t need this negativity in my life.”
A person said, “Yeh yaar Indian street food vendors ko therapy ki zaroraat hain [Indian food vendors need therapy]”
“Please don’t insult the momo like that, need some bleach for my eyes please,” read a comment.
A few wanted to know “why people keep changing everything in the name of healthy eating.”
What do you think about these healthy momos? Tell us in the comments.

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