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Dont Like Warm Ginger Tea? Try This Cool Ginger Tonic For Good Digestion

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Our kitchen is a treasure trove of home remedies that surprisingly work perfectly to alleviate many health issues. From stubborn cough to troubling bloating, you can find solutions to several common problems right there in the pantry. When talking about natural foods that are well-known healing foods, ginger is one of the foods that we think of. The root herb has proven its mettle as a great medicinal herb that brings us instant relief – be it cold, sore throat or gas. Ginger tea is on everyone’s list of go-to natural remedies and it does work. But not everyone may be inclined towards it. One may not like its taste, another may just not want to have tea on a hot and humid day. For them, we have another way to consume ginger in a cool, refreshing drink and reap its benefits.
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Before we move on to the drink, let’s find out why you must have ginger in any form to get rid of digestion issues. 

How Does Ginger Improve Digestion | Here Are 5 Health Benefits Of Ginger For Digestion

Ginger has long held its ground as a versatile and potent healer. Its remarkable qualities are not just folklore; they’re backed by science.  

1. Ingnites Digestive Fire 

According to “Healing Foods” by DK Publishing, gingerol, ginger’s active constituent, boasts an impressive array of attributes, including analgesic, sedative, antipyretic, and antibacterial effects. The wonders of ginger water are multifaceted, with one of its key talents lying in enhancing “agni” or our digestive fire. This boost in agni aids in the efficient breakdown and assimilation of food. But that’s just the beginning of ginger’s digestive prowess. 

2. Fights All Digestion Problems 

Dr Ashutosh Gautam, an Ayurvedic expert, sheds light on ginger’s digestive virtues. He explains, “Ginger is a great digestive tonic, which improves gastric motility. So, it alleviates constipation, vomiting, acidity, and protects gastric lining against acidity.” The volatile oils in ginger serve as a soothing balm for gastrointestinal irritation, making it a go-to solution for those troublesome bouts of stomach discomfort.  

3. Gags The Gas 

In his book, ‘Complete Book of Home Remedies,’ Dr. Vasant Lad emphasizes the role of ginger in managing gas and flatulence, an age-old issue that plagues many. Our digestive system generates waste gas as a byproduct of the digestion process. Trouble arises when there’s an excess of stomach and intestinal gas in the system, leading to discomfort and embarrassment. This is where ginger can step in as a natural remedy. 

4. Stimulates Digestive Juices

Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Practitioner, Shilpa Arora, provides further insights into ginger’s digestive wizardry. She notes that ginger has the unique ability to stimulate digestive juices like bile, saliva, and various other compounds crucial for digestion. This stimulation leads to better absorption and assimilation of nutrients- a key factor in maintaining digestive health. Arora highlights that indigestion often stands as the root cause of bloating, echoing the sentiments of many experts in the field.
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Ginger offers many health benefits. 
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Now that we’ve explored the science behind ginger’s digestive benefits, let’s talk about the drink that not only cools you down but also offers relief from digestion-related troubles – it is ginger tonic.  

How To Make Ginger Tonic For Digestion I Ginger Tonic Recipe: 

Begin by taking a bowl and adding 2 cups of water to it. Bring the water to a boil. Once it starts boiling, add about 1 inch of grated ginger to the mix. Let the mixture boil for 3-4 minutes until the water reduces to one cup. Pour the concoction into a cup and squeeze half a slice of lemon into it. The combination of lemon and ginger has the added benefit of stimulating your appetite and getting those digestive juices flowing. You can add some honey if you want it to taste sweeter.  

You can consume this ginger tonic for bloating, acidity and other such digestion problems before meals, possibly even boosting your body’s metabolism and promoting weight loss. With nature’s blessings, your digestive discomfort may become a thing of the past. Cheers to a happier, healthier gut! 

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