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“Dont Try” – Vlogger Combines Cheese With Orange Juice, Internet Disapproves

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Social media often introduces us to unusual food combinations. While some of them give us a new way of appreciating flavours, others are far from appetising. Recently, a food vlogger experimented with the bizarre combination of orange juice and cheese. Yes, you read it right. He showcased his making of this unconventional mixture on Instagram, posing the question, “Cheesy Orange Juice anyone?” In the video, the man is seen pouring orange juice into a glass. Following that, he adds two slices of cheese to the drink and microwaves the mixture. He thoroughly mixes the ingredients with a spoon. Once the cheese has melted, he takes a sip of the drink. His review of this combination is straightforward: “Sour, sweet, and milky, but not in a good way. In short, very, very disturbing.” Fortunately, he takes a moment to caution others against attempting this particular combination. “Don’t try,” he says.

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Watch the complete video of this strange food experiment here: 

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The video has received more than 470K views so far. Many people really didn’t like the idea of trying this mix. One user commented under the video, “Please STOP I am about to VOMIT,” while another wrote, “I could have told you not to drink that before watching it.”

 “Maybe use cream cheese? Maybe will taste like orange cheesecake,” a comment read.

Another stated, “Rare moment for you to say “don’t try”.”

A few sarcastically suggested bizarre food combinations for him to try.

“Orange juice and toothpaste” was one of the recommendations. 

“Take water and drop a cube of sodium in it and drink it immediately,”  read a comment.

“Milk and coke, wait for 30 mins and then drink,” another added.

Before this, a viral video showed the same vlogger mixing cereal with curry. Check out the full story here

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