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Elon Musk’s Twitter Blue with verification is now live

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The new Twitter Blue, which now costs $7.99 per month and gets you a blue verified checkmark, is officially available in its app for iPhones and iPads. Twitter owner Elon Musk began hyping the new Blue just days after taking over the company at the end of October, promising features like verification, priority in replies, mentions, and search, and “half as many ads,” and now you can actually get the new subscription.

Right now, for people who subscribe to the new package, their account instantly adds a verified check, but the other new benefits aren’t available yet. It’s unclear when the new subscription will become available on Android.

While Musk has positioned paid verification as a way to increase trust in the platform, the idea has also come under criticism for possibly enabling the exact opposite, in part because it could theoretically let anyone pay to say they’re the verified version of anyone else.

The revamped Blue is a big change from what it was before. Until now, the Blue’s most notable feature was perhaps the ability to edit tweets, which finally came to Twitter after years of desperate begging from users. The service also had a cheaper $4.99 per month price, but we should probably be grateful that the new Blue didn’t cost $20. (Thank you, Stephen King.)

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