Dr. Jen Ashton shares the latest data on vaccine effectiveness against this latest strain.


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31 thoughts on “Encouraging news about COVID-19 vaccine against Delta variant”
  1. Interesting that WHO The found that the AZD1222 vaccine against COVID-19 has an efficacy of 63.09% against symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection. A UK study shows the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine 92% effective (preventing hospitalization). I think Big Pharma just want to make money. GMA is happy to mislead their viewers and this keeps the advertisers happy also.

  2. Spike protein in vaccines is toxic to cells. Pfizer data shows spike protein accumulates in the ovaries snd bone marrow. (Dark horse podcast).

  3. Phase 3 trial ends 2023 so people should be told they are taking part in a clinical trial and these jabs are only authorised under emergency use

  4. What I'd like to see GMA cover is a story about how China is doing? You know there hasn't been one story about that, why? I was hearing months ago that China had been vaccinating their population not long after Covid-19 started rolling along. Now, how did they do that, unless they had started working on the vaccine before Covid-19. I want to hear about that!

  5. I'm not anti-vax. However, here are some things about these ones that you should be aware of. You won't see this on the news because of who their contributors are.

    So now that more scientists have been able to get ahold of the ingredients for the vaccines, they have determined that each one has ingredients (that are not supposed to be used in intravenous injections, per chemical/compound guidelines) designed to attack specific areas of the body over time. In case you are curious…

    Pfizer contains Potassium Chloride, which is coincidentally what they use for lethal injection. It essentially slowly prevents the heart from receiving electrolytes and stalls the main muscle that controls beating. Which is why we see so much cardiac arrest with people who took Pfizer.

    J & J vaccine – has multiple compounds that have warnings against mixing together as they can prevent dilution and cause coagulation of the blood. In fact, a lot of the ingredients specifically have individual warnings not to use intravenously as they can cause rapid blood clotting. Which is why we are seeing blood clots with Johnson & Johnson.

    Astra Zeneca vaccine – contains several ingredients that when combined can cause necrosis of the brain over a period of 12 months. It also contains compounds that lower blood calcium levels, leading to blood clots as well.

    Moderna vaccine – contains SM-102 (which is actually in a few of these vaccines) which according to OSHA is incredibly toxic and dangerous to humans and should never be used outside of testing purposes. It can cause cancer, infertility, anemia, heart damage, liver failure, attacks uterus wall, damages the central nervous system, fatal to skin contact, and is deadly to aquatic life.

    One thing to keep in mind, depending on how healthy a person is, we may not see the consequences of these vaccines right away, but there are likely to be devastating in the next 1-3 years. From everything I've researched, most doctors and scientists who have actually taken the time to look into these ingredients have been very disturbed as it looks intentional.

    If you look into most of the mainstream news organizations, their main contributors are the WHO, the CDC, and most of the vaccine manufacturers.

    I'm hoping this stuff is being exaggerated, but the more I look into it, the ingredients and how they work together, it does look bad. However, perhaps combining in some weird combination can prevent the deadly side effects, but I've yet to hear that explantation.

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  7. No,
    Your lying, there’s no more proof than that of justifying the vaccines are worth injecting that’s only been in existence half a year. Crazy, and crazier to believe that we’re that foolish in not believing we are the guinea pigs putting this foreign substance in our bodies with no tests or trials that has had significant time to see the adverse reactions this could have on rest of our body’s. Liver damage over time, definately lung damage, dark spots showing up through cat scans etc. and only thing thus far proven is that minus the other cells in our bodies, the COVID cells seem to weaken or legs give out and aren’t able to attach aggressively. Let me know how that works out in next decade 🤮🤮

  8. Rev 12:12 “Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”

  9. Media fear machine! How Manipulation works. 1. FEAR , Do this or something bad will happen. 2. FLATTERY , Do this and you're a good person. 3. BRIBERY , Do this and I will do something for you. 4. VIOLENCE , Do this or else. By the way we're at STEP 3.

  10. 90 percent effective against new variant is good data! Still ain’t taking d shot though. Cuz I’m also hearing u may get d shot , have reaction n die. Or you may get d shot and still get sick! Talk about having guns to your head

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