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Enjoy Mouth-Watering Fried Momos This Weekend And Save Big On NDTV Big Bonus App

Momos are among the most loved street foods in India. You’ll find numerous vendors selling them in your city. From vegetables and paneer to chicken and more, there are options galore to choose from. As the weekend is right here, why not treat yourself to some yummy momos? If you’ve been craving some, sit back, relax, and simply enjoy some from Wow! Momo. They have an impressive range of momos that will make your weekend truly enjoyable. What’s more, if you use the NDTV Big Bonus App, you receive gift coupons on your purchases and up to 5% in rewards on the app. Download the NDTV Big Bonus App from the App Store or Google Play, register on the app, and link your bank cards to earn these rewards. Don’t worry; linking your credit and debit cards to the app is completely secure, so make the most of your order while earning simultaneously.
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Here Are 5 Delicious Fried Momos You Can Indulge In This Weekend:

1. Veggie Fried Momo

If you enjoy vegetarian momos, you’re going to love this fried version. These deep-fried dumplings are made of flour and stuffed with crunchy and spiced vegetables. They offer a burst of flavour in every bite and are perfect to enjoy over the weekend.

2. Paneer Fried Momo

Not a fan of veggies? Don’t worry, you can opt for paneer momos. These yummy momos are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They offer the perfect balance of texture and flavour. Pair them with a spicy dip to fully savour their taste.

3. Chicken Fried Momo

We have something exciting for all the chicken lovers in the house. Imagine biting into a juicy chicken filling that is encased in a perfectly fried dumpling – that’s exactly what this momo is all about. Once you try them out, you’ll want to have them again and again.

4. Corn And Cheese Fried Momo

Cheese has the power to make any food taste better. And these momos are a perfect example of that. They are oozing with cheese, and the corn helps add a nice crunch to them. It’s perfect for those who have less tolerance for spicy foods.
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5. Chicken Schezwan Fried Momo

This chicken momo is the opposite of the above-mentioned one. It’s all things spicy and flavourful. It is made using a generous amount of schezwan sauce, which gives it its unique taste. You can enjoy this during the evenings or even serve it at your dinner party.

Watch this video to see how you can earn rewards while enjoying fried momos from your favourite Wow! Momo outlet:

Make your weekend indulgent by savouring these mouth-watering fried momos. Hurry up and download the NDTV Big Bonus App from the App Store or Google Play, register on the app, and link your bank cards to collect up to 5% in rewards and discount coupons while you shop. You just need to spend a minimum amount to earn these rewards. Once you link your cards to the app, you will increase your vINR balance whenever you use the same cards. The rewards you get with NDTV Big Bonus are over and above any amount you receive from any credit card or bank rewards program. This vINR balance can be used to shop at any of the brands listed on the app.

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