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Ezekiel’s ‘dad’ Ernier Jr. sent a message to Kevin Owens on RAW

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Following Kevin Owen‘s brutal assault on Ezekiel last week, the ‘father’ of the injured RAW star had a message for his son’s attacker.

In what has been one of the strangest WWE storylines of 2022, Ezekiel, the younger brother of Elias, has been a mental thorn in Owens’ side. This aggravation led to KO attacking Zeke last week on RAW.

With Elias’ younger brother out with an injury, his ‘father’ Ernie Jr. sent a warning to the Canadian star last night.

With more and more members of the the ‘family’ now revealed, the WWE Universe took to social media to give their thoughts on the odd segment.

@WWE @IAmNotEliasWWE @FightOwensFight Umm… this storyline is officially done. This dude is simply another Damian Sandow/Sami Zayn type character. He’s comedic relief. Nothing more, nothing less.

@WWE @IAmNotEliasWWE @FightOwensFight I was starting to think Ezekiel was lying and it was all the same person but after seeing the family pic…. I mean there’s no denying it now

With Zeke out with an injury, there will no doubt be many passionate members of his ‘family’ who will be looking to avenge him by getting their hands on The Prizefighter.

Ezekiel dreams of Championship glory with his brother

Like many youngsters, the RAW star, along with his older brother, grew up to be an avid WWE fan.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling, Zeke said he would love to one day capture Tag Team Championship gold with his brother, Elias.

When we were kids, we would talk about it,” said Ezekiel. “We would have little tag team matches with our cousins and our friends and stuff like that. But never as we got older. Now that to me is the ultimate dream. I mean tag team champions with my older brother in the WWE, that would be, I mean nothing tops that. That’s the ultimate dream.” H/T Sportskeeda

Following Kevin Owens’ attack on him, it may be some time before fans see The Drifter’s brother on WWE programming.

What are your thoughts on WWE’s strange new family? Let us know in the comments section below.

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