Let’s welcome fall in the best way possible: eating good and baking pumpkin pie! I let you guys the recipe here if you want to make this piece of heaven:

・1 1/4 oat flour
・ 1/4 coconut oil
・ 1 mashed banana
・ date paste to taste
・ 2 tbsp almond flour
・ pinch of salt

・ 1/2 milk (I used almond mylk)
・ 1 cup pumpkin pureé
・ 1 egg
・ date paste to taste
・ cinnamon to taste
・ 1 tsp nutmeg
・ pinch of ginger

Or just skip this spices and put allspice/pumpkin pie spice.

Let me know if you make it!

I have more videos coming your way now that things are better! I’m manifesting we’ll have an incredible fall! I’m excited to share more things 🙂

have a wholesome day,
silvia 🌺

P.S: if you’re reading this, remember to DRINK WATER!
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