By earmpy

19 thoughts on “Falling cat”
  1. Cats are more likely to survive a 6 story fall than a 2 story because if given the chance they open up like a parachute to slow there decent. See, we all left this video with a bit of knowledge in our heads!

  2. Is this the remake of the 1890 silent film classic "Falling Cat"? Incredible…though the pace of this film was slower, it had incredible effects. Still no sound, yet it got done what it had to. Maybe a sequel? This could be quite a series. I like how much attention to detail is paid, and how the cat is orange. Now, I'm not saying everyone would like that, but the switch from a white cat to an orange is a good move in my eyes. Of course, you couldn't get the original actor for that part! ^^

  3. My cat looks exactly like this one and he fell out of a window two days ago, 4th floor… He survived, only with minure injuries. :)The conclusion is this technique works. 😉

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