happy october 1st. its spooky szn baby.
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By earmpy

30 thoughts on “FIRST DAY OF FALL”
  1. 4:22 I stg me & my bro were on this ride called, "The Scorpion" & we were so high up like legit higher than the trees and stuff, the frikn handle bar was broken and my bro was shaking the ride thing on purpose (he's on the ride next to me) and im like screaming and shit like ommggg that was the scariest moment of my life cuz I almost slipped out of the seat ” 😂😂

  2. ❤️ All these fall vibes just frikn hit me 😁 the smell of a pumkin spice latte, cinammon, just <333 loveeeeeee it, also nice vid yasmine. Keep up the outstanding work, always here supporting you ❤️

  3. I feel like those orange construction cones have been on that road you’re driving on since your first video

  4. First of all, My name is Autumn, and my name means fall, I was born on November 1st. Fall is MY TIME TO SHINE. Also I live in Canada where we have real fall weather.🙌🏻

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