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It’s spring cleaning time and we desperately needed to take care of the cat corner after filling it up with all our house catalogues. The cat tower poles (which I’m pretty sure have some sort of hand-stabbing PLASTIC rope?!) have also been shredded to the point where our cats now sometimes slip when trying to climb it and therefore don’t use it as often. So we bought some actual rope to replace it with, severely underestimating the amount of rope it requires to wrap cat poles.

For the record, we used maybe 50-55 meters (~55-60 yards) of 6mm hemp rope (on a 10cm thick pole, about 110cm in length, if anyone out there needs to make their own calculations), which cost about 1,200 yen (~$12) per 20 meters. So it makes sense why they would use something cheap, plastic and stabby when making the original product… Anyway, we could only do the two most used poles instead of all of them today. But that’s okay, because we also underestimated how long it would take to re-wrap the poles, and there wouldn’t have been enough hours in the day to do the whole thing anyway!

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By earmpy

45 thoughts on “Fixing up things for our cats!”
  1. Watching their videos without subtitles is just stupid. Its like 7x funnier with them. Source: accidently turned it on and it made me laugh so hard for so many of their videos.

  2. I don't know if this is a weird time to notice, but I feel like Poki has gotten much bigger! He reminds me of my tuxedo kitty who is also a bit clumsy. ANYhooz! Thank you guys for making these videos; I always appreciate them and they are so wholesome, cute and funny! Thank you for showing us neat ideas for cat environments and good luck with your new home! Thank you for bringing us along for the journey! <3

  3. I looooove this video, how many times you guys made me laugh haha.. thought of something though, with your new house.. will your cats be aable to go outside? Like in a safe garden or a catio or such? Would be awesome!

  4. Please keep pichi she’s such a nice cat you can never know what other people can do to her.. you guys helped her so much. And she’s pokis like best friend. Please don’t put her up for adoption

  5. Nobody, absolutely not a soul
    Poki’s head during the time lapse:

  6. I have seen you all in awhile 😟. Was it Confucius who said “May you live in interesting times, or was it tucked in a fortune cookie? Maybe both? Anyway, life’s been interesting. My mother passed away, one of my cats died suddenly in his sleep, and I’m dealing with health issues that are increasing my pain levels. I’m not even going mention COVID!
    You guys really raise my spirits. Not only do you make a lovely couple, independently, you seem so nice 🙂. I love your kitties and I enjoy watching them interacting between each other, but also with you.
    Once things calm down and I can travel, I am finally going to visit Japan! I hope it can happen. If it does, might I ask you some ?
    Thanks for letting us share a bit of your life in Japan. I wish much love, good health, much laughter and many blessings. 😄🇺🇸🇯🇵 🍣

  7. So how do you fix the scratching posts?? Do you use super glue or something? Because I got a new cat and her former family gave me her cat tree and it needs help.

  8. "whatever this is" – the rope on cat furniture in the US is typically Sisal, I'm guessing it's frequently used elsewhere as well 🙂

  9. Dunno if this has been asked before but, do you talk to your cats more in English or Japanese? Which language do you think they understand more?
    Like have you tried a command in both languages and which one did they listen to. 😂😅😆 kinda curious.
    Anyway stay safe there.


  11. I don’t think I’ve ever commented before, but I’ve been watching you for a while

    I love your videos and your channel and you guys and your CATS!! You make me laugh all the time but it’s still interesting to watch, you’re probably the one channel that I can actually sit through the sponsored parts on!

    It’s really cool to see how things work where you are too, since I’m in boring old England and there is not much special happening here
    Hope you’re doing good, keep up the amazing videos 😀 (but no pressure!!)

  12. hi ,Dear friend ,this is Judie from Evergeeen , We have a cool pet product which want to send to you as gift to help your cat life is more easy- Pet auto pet dryer , can you help us review by your video ?thanks your time ,Looking forward to your reply

  13. LIKE A CICADA hahahah so relevant to my neighborhood right now waves to the 93487394857394857389457957 cicadas all over my apartment lawn

  14. If you want to replace the rope on cat scratching poles the stuff that is generally used on good poles is called sisal rope and comes from a plant that looks like a less succulent version of aloe vera. 6mm width is usually best as it allows your cat to scratch without getting their claws stuck in it. The fibres that Rachel thought were enbedded in the cardboard were probably there because most manufacturers use a cheap crappy glue to help keep the rope in place (it never works very well). I have replaced the rope on my cat scratching poles once too many times perhaps to know this. But that is why the fibres were there Rachel, not because it had splintered into the cardboard. I find that the rope on my cat scratching poles lasts about a year and the poles themselves need to be replaced every five or so years. Still comes out at a very good saving compared to replacing the whole thing every year. I would even go as far to say that you don't need to pay the hundreds of dollars that I see manufacturers charging for cat scratching poles, towers, and the like, if you have a hardware store nearby that will cut the pieces to size for you, then you can make better quality cat scratching pole/tower yourself that is far more sturdy and last two to three times as long. Project for the new house perhaps.

  15. It's okay and I am fine if it doesn't happen, but I look foward to Peach becoming more comfortable with Jun and Rachel ❤ the idea is just so cute. I do understand that she may not choose a life where she seeks out Rachel and Jun for attention, the idea is just adorable though. I love Peach and Pokie together 🤣

  16. please get yourself curtain bangs! Will look so stunning, which is interesting because you already are insanely beautiful.Kind regards, Lucy

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