Friendly cat with cats.



By earmpy

32 thoughts on “Friendly cat with cats”
  1. This cute young man/lady need some urgent medical examinations he had an injury behind his right ear that looked fairly deep into its scalp and his breathing was far to heavy for
    How small he was

  2. Oops looks like this little one was in a fight maybe and has a battle wound. Bless you Robin for feeding them and for being their friend.

  3. The cat's meow sometimes sounds like the Fallout 3 radiation warning sound effect. No offence, I always love cats regardless of their voice 😅

  4. Cats can be really funny and cute. I literally saw a little white cat in a windowsill in my neighborhood, sitting in a little brown box and daydreaming while staring out the window, like a Disney Princess or something ❤️. You can show them affection/friendliness in some ways they're familiar with: she was silent but began to respond when my brother started making meowing sounds and I gave her a long slow blink.

  5. Hey Robin, try to give for each cat a separate dish, usually they don't like to eat from one together. In some videos some of them they have fights with each other. You can avoid this by simply putting them a separate bowl for each cat. But great videos, like to watch! =)

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