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From Koli Curry To Coconut Curry: 5 South Indian Chicken Curries For The Weekend

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If you’re a chicken lover, all you may need is a flavourful bowl of chicken curry to enjoy your weekend. Whether you are going out to eat or hosting dinner at home – chicken curry is a must on the menu. Dipping freshly made roti, parotta or naan in a bowl of spicy curry, prepared with a variety of spices, and picking a few juicy chunks of chicken before placing it in your mouth, is a wholesome experience. The best part about a chicken curry is that it can be made in a variety of ways, and it will never leave you disappointed. While the North Indian style of chicken curries varies from butter chicken to pahadi chicken, down South there are some truly exceptional recipes that will leave you licking your fingers. Check them out below.
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Weekend Binge: Here Are 5 Yummy And Easy South Indian Chicken Curry Recipes You Must Try

1. Koli Curry 

In the Kannada language, koli stands for chicken. This Koli Curry is part of the Kodava cuisine (Coorg region). It is essentially prepared with coconut paste and a melange of spices. Serve it with akki roti or ghee rice. Check out the full recipe here.

2. Coconut Chicken Curry

If you are bored of regular chicken curries, it is time to treat your taste buds to this lip-smacking curry. Simmered in coconut milk and mild spices, this comforting dish is a hit at dinner parties. Here is the full recipe.

3. Chicken Chettinad

You can never get bored of the classics and the very popular Chicken Chettinad is proof. It is cooked in an authentic Chettinad paste laced with coconut and onions, bringing the true essence of a Southern-style chicken dish. Full recipe here.

Bafat masala can be used to spice up curries

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4. Chicken Madras 

Presenting another delicious chicken curry recipe all the way from Chennai. The rich and flavourful taste of this curry cannot be found anywhere else. Serve it with rice or any bread of your choice. Click here for the full recipe of Chicken Madras.

5. Kerala-Style Chicken Curry

Looking for something unique yet delicious? This Kerala-style chicken curry is just for you. Tender chicken pieces are cooked in a mix of flavourful spices to make this dish. This curry is traditionally served with ghee rice, appam, or parotta. Click here for the full recipe.

So, are you ready for the extended weekend?  

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