New variants & rare adverse events have put the effectiveness of vaccines under scanner. Experts fear the Delta Plus Variant could escape the immunity given by vaccines. Palki Sharma gets you a report.

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By earmpy

32 thoughts on “Gravitas: New Delta Plus variant sparks concern”
  1. like a doc once told me about arthritis tell Arthur your sending his letters back well folks the same applies here we need to send the covid letters back to China

  2. The Kevel of knowledge on here and elsewhere really is staggering. It didn't come from China, it was FINALISED in Wuhan after its initial 12 yr development in america.
    There is no variant, its a samient …the whole bullshit labelling and hype is to shackle the people in fear. The enemy isn't covid its the 1% that use it to scare you into submission.

  3. its the jabs causing the variants not the antivaxxers as they are so kindly called…the jab is based on computer modelling of parts of other so called viruses supposedly found by the same PCR test regime…then molded into a jab that is now killing and causing many thousands of severe allergic reactions within the body's organs and bloodstream as the spike protein isn't staying localised but instead travels around the body causing the body's own immune system to either fail or attack itself as an enemy within

    cases based on what modelling or on a flawed PCR test that was never designed to find a specific infection as its not a diagnostic tool..its all a lie!

  4. Malaysia has not reported the heart inflammation side effect which leads me to believe it’s related to thiamine deficiency. Thiamine deficiency is caused by alcohol consumption & high caffeine intake.

  5. Yes! Gains of functions artificial manipulated genetic variables virus are meant to do just that! It steal everyone genetic codes modified and keep mutating to stay alive spreading! Vaccines are temporary and useless to further variants! The correct science of medicine in a truly profound drugs…. Ivermectin, Israel Covid-19 nasal spray and the Queenland Australia made drug 99.9% effective in two doses! Our immune system had been compromised! Slow and is asymptomatic now! Too late!

  6. Will it end?.. so our presents vaccines that is available is not powerful enough to protect us???? So how it will end? If most are already vaccinated😢😢😢

  7. not Wuhan virus but N.Carolina virus… 2013 where SARS was altered by way of gain of function research application granted 'mysteriously' by CDC

  8. looks like they havnt killed enough of us, bloody murderers!!!!!! and why is noone taking action against china is it because they already knew about it and are in on the big plan population control?

  9. Why new Indian variant, of all places, gets so deadly? Especially for a pharmaceutical superpower and great media like Wion in the forefront to fingerpointing others' failures, (fakes or truths irrelevant) but definitely forgetting themaelves. Failure again! The world is truly worried! Or another border incident can help for attention diversion.

  10. Hold China responsible for over 3 million people around the world murder by China virus. Boycott everything from China and Olympic games.Get our companies out of China anywhere better than China. CLOSE THE BORDER.

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